Top 10 Most Famous Justing Bieber Songs

As you all knows that Justin Bieber is only 18 and his incredible voice and songs made all of us very crazy. Not only that, Bieber reinvented proving that his hits can move people of all ages to the dance and he can make anyone a Belieber, that has obtained him the respect of his fellow musicians. Justin Bieber earliest come in 2008 by American talent manager Scooter Braun. He soon became a a big teen pop star. He charted 15 hit songs in only two years of period. Bieber also received a many awards, like Artist of the year and was also nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album more than 27 million followers in twitter, also awarded most powerful celebrity in the world, Justin earned more than 55$ million in the past year and also won Teen Choice Awards. Here is the list of top ten most popular and famous Justing Bieber songs.

Favorite Girl

This song was written and produced by D'Mile, and Antea Birchett, Anesha Birchett, and Delisha Thomas. Justin Bieber first launched acoustic version of his song in YouTube. Background music is one of her video tour diaries.

Love Me 2009

This song was written by Bruno Mars, Ari Levine, and Phillip Lawrence, and was produced by Bill Malina and DJ Frank E. the song was released by iTunes as the first promotional single from his debut studio release, The video for the song was released on August 3, 2010.

U Smile 2010

The song was written by Jerry Duplessis, Arden Altino, and Dan August Rigo, and was produced by Duplessis and Altino. Justin Bieber was said that this song is dedicated to his fans of all over the world. The song was released on August 09, 2010 on mainstream radio in Canada.

Eenie Meenie 2010

Eenie Meenie song was written by Kingston, Bieber, Carlos Battey, Steven Battey, Benny Blanco, Marcos Palacios and Ernest Clark, and was produced by Blanco. It was released on March 23, 2010, after that was it taken off.

One Less Lonely Girl 2009

One Less Lonely Girl song was written and produced by Bieber's mentor, Usher, as well as Ezekiel Lewis, Balewa Muhammad of The Clutch, and A-Rex duo Sean Hamilton and Hyuk Shin (Korean). It was released by iTunes on October 6, 2009. [smartads]

Mistletoe 2011

"Mistletoe" was written and produced by Nasri, and Adam Messinger. This song was released on October 17, 2011. This song reached the top ten in Canada, Denmark and Norway, and was also reaching the top forty in ten other countries. Music and video was directed by Roman White.

Somebody To Love 2010

The song was written by Heather Bright and The Stereotypes, and was produced by the latter. The song was first recorded as a demo by Bieber's mentor, R&B singer, Usher and was officially released on June 25, 2010. The song was is an upbeat dance-pop song.

Boyfriend 2012

Boyfriend song was written by Bieber, Michael Posner, Mason D. Levy and Mat Musto. Further more Posner informed to media that was impressed with Bieber's work ethic Bieber super talented, this video was released on May 3, 2012,

As Long As You Love Me 2012

"As Long As You Love Me" track was produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and Andre Lindal. It was written by Rodney Jerkins, Andre Lindal, Nasri Atweh, Sean Anderson and Justin Bieber. The song was 1st released on June 11, 2012.

Baby featuring Ludacris 2010

"Baby" song was written by Bieber with Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and Terius "The-Dream" Nash, and also by R&B singer Christina Milian and labelmate, rapper Ludacris. It was released on January 18, 2010.

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