Top 10 Most Famous Luxurious Custom Made Home Theaters

Home theaters and home based cinemas are the current trend and increasing in popularity with every passing day. Time, money and space permitting, the sky is the limit for its designs and high tech equipment. Home theater products can entail high definition TVs, players, speakers, amplifiers projection systems and video recording devices. Prices of its construction and incorporation of a host of high tech equipment can vary in costs while prices of custom built home theaters on particular themes can reach even higher limits. While one can spend any amount of money on setting up a home theater system, if things are not all precise and working in tandem, where fittings and devices are concerned, the entire operation will be futile. Themes and types of home theaters abound, but some of the most luxurious, innovative and unique are those that adhere to a particular theme and continue with that topic throughout the interiors. Take a look at these custom made home theaters that are the very epitome of luxury.

Jeremy Kipnis Home Theater

Jeremy Kipnis Home Theater Jeremy Kipnis Home Theater at $ 6 million is posh to the core and naturally so, since Kipnis not only knows entertainment, but he also knows luxury. This music engineer and owner of this gargantuan home theater has ensured that it is fitted with a video projector with 4096 x 2160 resolutions besides Sony Blu ray players and Toshiba DVD players and HDTVs not to leave out a Sony Play Station 3 Gaming Console.

Star Trek Themed Home Theater

Star Trek Themed Home Theater Star Trek Themed Home Theater is in possession of an anonymous owner who has set up this Star Trek themed theater in a room measuring 70 x 22 ft. The room itself has air locks on doors and special sound effects to give it an ‘out of space’ feel, while it also houses a well stocked bar for the conveniences of its occupants.

Goldmund High Tech Home Theater

Goldmund High Tech Home Theater Goldmund High Tech Home Theater is all gold and crystals and is the epitome of craftsmanship in its entire work. Mark Rosen has ensured that this home theater, built on European style which cost $497,093 comes with Universal Preamplifiers, Epilogue Satellite Speakers and Woofers, Goldmund speaker cables and power cords and Linea digital audio cables. There are also 4 Telos 2500 amplifiers and a host of other high tech equipment all of which have been developed at the Geneva labs.

Italian Style Home Theater

Italian Style Home Theater Italian Style Home Theater has been designed by Kim Banducci, while it has been set up by Future Home, Los Angeles. Special attention is paid to minutest of details which reminisce of Italian villas and is yet simplistic and timeless. It comfortably seats upto 10 persons and bears accents of bronze, gold and brown in its interiors. Gadgetry includes a Stewart Film screen with Electrimask, Blu ray Disc Player and other state of the art equipment besides a TPS 4000 10.4 inch tilt touchpanel from Crestron, HD Satellite receiver and Video Controller and DVD Server System.

Combined Theater & Performance Stage

A Combined Home Theater And Performance Stage At a home theater such as this, viewers can enjoy the benefits of watching movies and performances and concerts from the comforts of their homes. The room should radiate well balanced acoustics, lighting and ambiance suited to both forms of entertainment stage balconies and the center stage with theatrical lighting add to its charm.

The Green Themed Home Theater

The Green Themed Home Theater The Green Themed Home Theater is one that is designed making viewers feel one with nature. Here the theme is altogether different from being futuristic or lavish and is comfortable and comforting with earthy hues and plenty of stone, wood and natural elements being used in its construction.

A Sci – Fi Setting

A Sci – Fi Setting A Sci – Fi Setting marks the home theater theme seen in the home of Darren Mortenson. Here the theater is set up to resemble a sci-fi setting with accents from horror films and science fiction movies while a 159’ Da-Lite movie screen is at the center.

A Titanic Themed Home Theater

A Titanic Themed Home Theater A Titanic Themed Home Theater is designed by a couple in Tennessee. The entire room measuring 20’ x 14’is fashioned around the Titanic replete with a 120” screen and Tru Audio speakers offering surround sound. A total of 1230 fiber optic lighting is added to give the home theater an open sky like appearance while viewers could easily picture Kate and Leonardo emerging into the limelight.

The Indiana Jones Theme

The Indiana Jones Theme This home theater built on the designs seen in the ‘Raiders of Lost Ark’, ‘Last Crusade’ and the like, bear a Lutron Grafik Eye arrangement with special theater lighting and Indiana Jones props on its walls. Its screen coupled with a HT1000 projector and other state of the art apparatus ensure that viewers enjoy a typical Indiana Jones experience in its confines.

A Pirate Themed Home Theater

A Pirate Themed Home Theater A home theater built on a theme of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is what one particular individual has done. Paul Konold has transformed this one room into offering an entire pirate experience and has spent close to $30,000 on its construction. The walls abound with pictures of pirates, wooden planks and barrels of gold. [smartads]

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