Top 10 Most Famous Played Online Games of the Year

It’s no secret that technology has been instrumental in changing many a lives, the way people live, play and work. Playing games is more than a popular pastime as now many people belonging to almost all age groups have chosen to play online games. It’s the Android platform that is more popular among the younger generation due to the availability of vast genre of games. Let’s have a look at top ten popular games played using Android platform:

1 Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

This is basically a shooter game that keeps coming back with newer versions packed with more action and thrill. In its fourth version the game is about a group of polished and skilled soldiers who are on a mission of saving known leaders from terrorist attacks. The stunning graphics are gripping and makes the player come back for more. Download

2 Drag Racing: Bike Edition

This again is a thrill filled speed game where you would play as a racer. You would love the game if you love biking. Hone your skills in braking, transmission, power and other such features of a bike and enjoy the game. Download

3 Grand Theft Auto III: Liberty City

Otherwise well known as GTA series is another well played and popular online game. It’s about a brawler’s journeywanting to push the limits with an aim of acquiring the well known Liberty City. Download

4 Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run is currently ruling the Google Play market for games that are famous due to its addictive nature. Disney has provided the latest edition that is ought to be a must on your android smart-phone. Download

5 Angry Birds Space Premium

This was perhaps one of the most famous Angry Birds series that was popular during last year. This round it is packed with more of anger and explosion. In the new edition, the angry birds explode into the space in a bid to punish the damned piggies. With each passing level it gets more challenging and equalltadventurous. Download

6 Asphalt 7: Heat

This is ideal for speed lovers and those Racing game lovers who would get to enjoy the latest of cars enabled with fastest of engines. This for sure is packed with fun, thrill and speed. Download

7 Bladeslinger

Bladeslinger comes with wonderful visuals equipped with a fast paced game-play. You as the player can enact the role of William Glastonreturning to his hometown so as to confront primeval evil. Download

8 Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD

This is a great one to play at different levels and you would love it if you have liked playing ‘Cut the Rope’. It’s fun game where you will move forward solving many a puzzles and feeding at least two of the monsters at each level. Download

9 Hill Climb Racing

This is more of a 2D mountain racing-game in which you would play as Newton Bill, aracer. You can drive through many bumpy landscapes without having to flip over and still excel. This is a challenging and addictive game where you will get to make points to exchange it for coins. Download

10 Ruzzle

Now this is a fast paced fun game based on puzzles where you will challenge your opponents. Signature: if you are looking for an expert assistance in the IT field then you should visit, you will find answers to all your questions. Download

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