Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in 2012

There is a long list of emerging male singers that have become sensation over Internet and are widely discussed and shared on social media websites. They have created a large fan base in a short time from all over the world where their voice is listened and understood. We tried our best to compile a list of top 10 most popular male singers in 2012 which is based on recent stats.  

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is still pretty young and is considered among top-rated male singers across the globe. Bieber’s dramatic appearance in the music industry is linked to his Internet’s appearance. The second album of Bieber was sold in more than 200,000 copies even within a week. The name of that second album was “Under the Mistletoe”. Bieber made a strong appearance even from the start in this worldwide music industry. Bieber got 10th position in top 10 most popular male singers in 2012’s list.

David Guetta

Probably some of you would be questioning that why and how David Guetta made his way to this top 10 list of most popular male singers of 2012. But you should know the fact that this youngster has created some outstanding super hit songs in collaboration of Nicki Minaj, Coldplay, Kid Cudi, Usher and Taioo Cruz.2012 is being described as the year of this talented young singer.


The most notable performance of Pitbull was “Give Me Everything” which was also included being an outstanding single performance in the Billboard Hot 100. This is the song which is still played in discos as well as in clubs worldwide because it makes people to come in mood to spend their beautiful cold evenings in hot styles. “Planet Pit” is the recent album launched in 2011 by this rising singer. Pitbull is 8 Position in Top 10 Most Popular Male singers.

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo is also among consistent performers at the moment and therefore is on 7th rank in our top 10 list we prepared for most popular male singers in 2012. “Future History”, the latest or most recent album of Derulo which was released last year in September 27, brought him among leading singers of 2012. His most notable single “Don’t Wanna Go Home” was a huge hit and topped in Australia and UK for weeks.

Chris Brown

Some of the songs, including “With You, Forever” brought Chris Brown in top 10 most popular male singers in 2012’s list rapidly. The most recent singing efforts of Brown i.e. “Net 2 You” and “She Ain’t You” are also on top in music charts which are actually collaborative performances with Justin Bieber (Canadian singer). Brown is currently among most listened R&B male singers in the world. “Fortune”, the upcoming music album of Brown, will touch the market in March 2012.

Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz is on 5th position in the popularity among global fans for the male singers. We don’t rate any singer. In fact we made this list based on fans’ choices or likeness. “TY.O” is the latest album released by Cruz which was released shortly after New Year 2012. It is being expected that this youngster will excel in the running year and would reach to some higher position. “Hangover” was his first solo performance while “Troublemaker” was the second.

Adam Levine

The leading singer of the well-popular rock band, known with the name, “Maroon 5” is currently on 4th position in our ranking based on the fans likeness. Levine managed his position in top 10 most popular male singers in 2012 for his outstanding great singles. Levine has delivered some very special performance with Jesse Carmichael that are still loved by his fans.


Drake is also included in the list of those male singers who launched their most recent singing albums shortly before the year end in 2011. His most recent magical performance was named as “Take Care” which is still listened and enjoyed by his worldwide fans. Drake released this album last year on November 17. His most recent duet album was made with Lil Wayne which is another awesome release.


Usher is on second position as he still holds the tile given by his worldwide fan i.e. “King of R&B”. His songs are making people wild worldwide,that are currently busy in enjoying his fifth album (solo performance) named as “Without You”. The singer is shining at his best and will give people more chances to enjoy his singing talent because he has no sign to stop delivering his magic voice to his fans.

Bruno Mars Most Popular Male Singers

Bruno Mars is currently the top of the list as more people love this young male singer than any other artists in our top 10 most popular male singers in 2012’s list. Bruno Mars has fans in almost all English speaking countries of the world. Though he managed to get six Grammy Nominations in 2011 but still could not get recognition in the most promising male singers’ list that year. The fans brought him on top even he couldn’t win an award yet. Bruno Mars is 1st Position in Top 10 Most Popular Male singers. [smartads]

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  1. Jasmine Horan

    I love jb he is not pathetic he is very sucessful and no 1D? They r populate every where my no and grandmother love them too

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  2. corvon

    drake is not a singer hes a raper and stop talking about jb u haters and not cuz im gay yall jus madf cuz yall not famus like him

  3. Thomas

    This list is so full of bullcrap. Where is the talent? Where is Tom Chaplin? Brandon Flowers? What the heck people. These are not singers, they TALK on their singles for the money. They make millions and millions. There is no talent here.

  4. thomas kelvin

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