Top 10 Movies You Must Watch This Summer

Its still spring but Hollywood has started rolling out its summer movie titles. The summer movies are sure to keep you busy for the summer months. Adaption of American classic, return of some of the heartthrob superstars and innumerable sequels will be dominating the box office for this summer months. What can be the best way of spending the leisure and saving yourself from the scorching heat of the sun other than watching a movie? Some great movies are releasing this summer to give you immense pleasure and enjoyment, if you are a passionate movie lover, you will surely find some interesting titles for you. Numerous movies are there for the hot months and so it might be hard for you to find a suitable title for you. Here we have enlisted the top ten movies of this year that you cannot afford to miss for the summer months. Check them out...

Iron Man 3

iron man3 This movie is already in theatres now. If any of the movie releases you willing to see, it should be this movie only. Check the internet or hear from people, this movie has an awesome review all over the world. Millions of fans have already cropped up overseas. After the brilliant success of this movie, Stark is again returning for his second movie. This movie is expected to earn above $100 million from the audience. If this really happens, then this will become the highest grossing movie of the year. Let’s see what really happens to this movie. Hope this list of movies will find you at your best. Which of the movies are you willing to watch for the summer months? Is your favorite movie in the list? These movies are perfect for family entertainment. Galore into some of the best movies for this summer!

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness This movie will be on big screen from 17th May. Its three long years that J.J has given us reboot to franschise. The entry into this movie appears to be chillingly dark consisting of crashed Enterprise, villainous terrorist and volcanoes. The movie has a good deal of suspense in revealing the actual identity of Cumberbatch's John Harrison.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby This is to be released very soon, on May 10. The high school book – F. Scott Fitzgerald – is now translated into a movie. The book got transformed into the big screen. Won’t you like to watch it on the giant screen? In 1974, it was the last time that “The Great Gatsby” was seen on screen with Robert Redford. This time, it is the Baz Luhrmann that will bring to life the roaring ‘20s. You can very well expect to take a quirky joyride. Once you see the trailer, you will not be able to wait for meeting mysterious Jay Gatsby, the version of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel Coming to theatres on June 14, this movie is likely to soar high. If you are a fan of Zack Snyder, the director, you will be very excited to watch what is in store for Krypton’s son. David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan are working on this movie. The movie is definitely in good hands! The film is a good example of Justice League movie.

Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6 Releasing on the same date like Hangover III is Fast and Furious 6. The franchise of this movie was a grand success. The 7th installment of this movie is getting ready to be released in the next summer months. This movie is full of actions where you will get to see bursting of a car into a plane. This movie got extreme promotion on social media sites.

The Hangover III

The Hangover III Releasing on May 24, this movie is expected to take a new router quite different from the tired rehash you have witnessed in the previous two movies. The final journey will be a thrill ride full of giraffes, pig masks and possible come back of baby Carlos.

This is the End

This is the end Another great movie coming up for the month of June! On 14th June this film will be in theatres. Why did the pack take so long to get released as a movie? This is still a question. However, this is indeed a brilliant idea! Amongst all apocalypse television series and movies till date, this is an exceptional lot. You must have not seen anything like this before – Hollywood stars poking fun at one another.

World War Z

World War Z You can watch this movie in theatres from June 21. The movie encircles around zombies and Brad Pitt. It’s a long time that you have not seen zombies in movies. The movie itself took a long time to come to the big screens. This movie has undergone many rewrites and finally it is to be released in June. Despite several production issues, hopefully this movie will not be disappointing.

Now You See Me

Now You See Me This movie will be on theaters from May 31st. Although you might not be a big fan of magic films, Now You See Me might draw your attention. Thanks to the star studded casting of this movie! Franco, Fisher, Ruffalo and Eisenberg make the magic team of Robin Hoods in the movie, who steal from rich people and give that to poor ones, that is, their audiences. Now, this might be an illusion. The star power of the film might not allow it to fail. The smooth narration by Morgan Freeman is also another attractive feature of this film.


Elysium It is releasing on 9th August. Haven’t you heard of Elysium? It is quite similar to Oblivion of Tom Cruise. This movie shows the rich people living in a cancer-ridden paradise. Matt Damon leads the path for saving the Earth which is occupied by the poverty ridden people living in a state of ruin. The main reason of excitement for this movie is – it is the second movie released from Neill Blomkamp, the creator of Oscar nominated District 9.

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