Top 10 Much-Watched Famous TV Shows of USA

TV shows are always loved to watch by the viewers of all age-groups. Television industry is another bog source of entertainment and if made the comparison between the two big industries of entertainment – film and TV, it appears and reveals that television industry has more viewership than the films since it is watched on daily basis and without spending the bucks…wow! Well, America’s TV shows are hugely popular among the U.S. citizens and even the viewers of other countries too would love to watch American TV shows. Why? They have strapping and powerful content which glides on the viewers. In this article, the top notch American TV shows will be discussed.

The Newsroom

the-newsroom tv show At number tenth is The Newsroom, the show that is super alluring and attention-grabbing from all aspects. The show grabbed the viewers instantly and got the good TRP as well. The dialogue of Aron Srkin really captivated the audiences. The show has the repeat values.


Fringe Fringe is at number 9th and this is called the one of the brilliantly made science fiction series to ever hit the TV space. The show called Fringe constantly reminds the viewers that it does not matter at all if we have become much advanced in creating the latest and wonderful devices, making the advanced medicine and become advanced in technologies, what should be the matter is that who we are.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones This massive medieval fantasy allured the souls and the viewers got really impressed by the storyline of the show. It played simply magic with the viewers. The power-hungry characters and the tangled storylines added true values to the show’s sparkles.


Homeland Next follows is another hit TV show called Homeland. The show tells the saga of a quite reluctant terrorist and the bipolar CIA Analyst. The show was a well maintained to perfection. It grabbed good viewership and the audiences loved the content.


Parenthood The show is a class apart. It is a family drama laced with real such emotions that the viewers really turn out to be emotional watching the show on air. It has the heart-breaking breast-cancer story that appealed to the audiences.


Dexter This was an awesome series that was loved by the audiences. The show tells the story of a villain who is a serial killer but with a heart of gold. He kills those who deserve to be wiped off the planet. The storyline is impressive and attention-fetching with brilliant performances to rave about.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy At number 4th is another hit TV show titled Sons of Anarchy. Since the subject of the show making the modern day biker’s club into Shakespearean’s tragedy, the series lured the viewers. The show with the knotted world of Jax Teller and his fellow SAMCRO members make the show a real fine drama to watch on TV screen.

Hell of Wheels

Hell of Wheels This intense Western drama appealed to the audiences fully. The drama entangled the viewers with a fascinating mixture of old fashioned justice in the Wild West. The show used the visual treat and the characterization to further impress the audiences.

Downtown Abbey

Downtown Abbey The number second show on the list is Downtown Abbey that mesmerized and played magic with the viewers. The intertwined worlds of the upstairs and downstairs lives of the show’s characters. The story made the viewers weep with excitement, joys and sadness.


Sherlock The show which topped the list is Sherlock, which is a really tricky and witty show grabbing the attention of the viewers. The show really impressed the viewers of every era. The show’s characters, dialogues and the grey-shaded characters all made the TV show number one. [smartads]

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