Top 10 Nativity Fancy Dress Ideas

So it's that time again when the festive season has come round and that means only one thing when you have kids... parties! Yes, there is no doubt you will have to come up with numerous ideas for imaginative costumes to dress your little cherub up in. So, why not take the stress out of it, and have a read of my handy guide of this year's top ten nativity fancy dress ideas.


Shepherd They may not be essential to the nativity story, however shepherds were certainly still a part of it. Be sure to get a brown-shaded outfit, without forgetting headscarf and wooden staff and you have your own little shepherd.


Snowman A white outfit, some buttons, a scarf and a white painted face and you have your own little snowman. Or for further ease, just purchase a professional suit from a nearby or online retailer.

Wise Men

Wise Men Although they may be called 'wise men', don't be put off and deprive your little lady of dressing up as a Queen too. Why not get your youngster to dress up with two of their friends so that they can go as a trio? Be sure to kit them out in a nice velvet robe and a crown!


  Joseph If you have Mary, you of course have to have Joseph too. Go for a brown little outfit, teamed with a roped belt and white cloth wrapped around your little guys head.


Mary There are not many people more important to the nativity story than Mary - Jesus' Mother. So either look into purchasing an already-made outfit, which will come handy with all the accessories, or if not, look for a blue and white dress teamed with some sort of scarf as headwear.


  Reindeer You can't have a Christmas party without a reindeer. Why not go the whole hog and purchase an entire professional costume? If not, you will have to raid local outlets to see what brown clothing they have on offer, teamed with a painted red nose of course!

Mince pie

Mince pie Mince pies aren't just for eating; they're also for young children to dress up as at Christmas time...  You will probably want to purchase an entire outfit from an appropriate outlet online or at a store near you, as it may be hard to make. However, if you feel creative, I recommend some brown leggings and cardboard for building materials.


  Angel This may sound gender-related however both girls and boys can be an angel this Christmas. All you need is for them to wear a white outfit, with a few added accessories, and you're away. You may be able to purchase an entire pack of accessories such as wings and a halo, or just get creative with a bit of tin foil and glitter.

Mini Santa

  Mini Santa What's more festive than a mini Santa Claus? Just get your little'un a little red suit and hat, topped off with that all important white beard (fake, I hope), and you'll have your own jolly Mr Father Christmas in no time!


Star Why just stick to the star on the top of the tree, when you can dress your youngster as one for their next Christmas party? They will look as cute as a button dressed in a shiny gold or silver outfit, which you can purchase from any good online retailer, or make yourself if you have enough time. [smartads]

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