Top 10 Places You Can’t Go

There is probably more than one destination in almost every country that is generally prohibited by the authorities to be visited by local and foreign tourists. Mostly people are unaware of such prohibited places even in their own countries. So we can claim that there’re a lot of places that can be recognized as exclusive places or secret places. People who know such places would definitely have greatest desire of their lives to visit them at earliest. Below list will tell you top 10 places you can’t go in the world even after having some information about them.

Vatican Secret Archives

Maybe it wouldn’t be a secret to many Christians but still a lot of people reading this article wouldn’t have much information about this place which is prohibited to visit by any person. The Vatican Secret Archives are actually not secret at all. Though any document is available to view by anyone but the law restricts all to enter into the archive. Your personal written request would bring you the specified document. The interesting point is that the books that have ages below 75 years are prohibited to access.

Club 33

Disneyland is the place which issues private full liquor licenses to accommodate private parties in the seasons when this most-popular play land in the world is closed to visit by general public. But Club 33, a place in this well-popular American park, is always open to the people to sell booze. You probably have seen this club located in the Disneyland’s New Orleans Square section in the hearth of the park. Joining fee ranges from 10 to 30 thousands to get its membership.


There is a well-popular closed town in Russia which is generally regarded as the Mezhgorye. It is strongly believed about this closed town that it serves the residence problems to the working people who perform their jobs in the highly secret Mount Yamantaw. The Russian authorities formed this closed town, which is at 8th in top 10 places you can’t go, was founded in 1979. American experts believe that Mount Yamantaw is the place which is the largest nuclear facility in Russia and therefore is prohibited to visit.

White’s Gentlemen’s Club

Gentlemen’s Club is commonly regarded as the most exclusive White’s club. This very popular historical club was formed by Italian Francesco White (also named as Francesco Bianco) in 1963. The initial aim to start this now prohibited club to visit by people was to sell hot chocolate which was in its initial stages of discovery to the world. But eventually White’s become an exclusive place limited to visit by the English people and thus was named as Gentlemen’s Club. This is at 7th at the moment.

Metro 2

Metro 2 is the place in Russia which can’t be accessed by general public just like they do for the main Metro in the Moscow city. Metro 2 is also located in Moscow and is believed the most secret underground metro system across Russia. Some believe that this secret metro system works parallels to the originally in-use public Metro system in the city. Some claims its depth between 50 and 200 meters which actually connects the government airport at Vnukovo-2 with the FSB headquarters and Kremlin.

Ise Grand Shrine

Ise Grand Shrine is probably the top in holly places list in Japan which is also prohibited to visit or watch by the general public in the country. This is actually known to the world as a series of more than 100 shrines in Japan. Many believe it as the most sacred shrine in the country. This series of sacred shrines in the country is believed exist since 4 BC. The imperial history of the Japan recognized the main shrine as the key item to discuss.

Room 39

Room 39, also known with the name Bureau 39, is probably the most secret organization in the most aggressive Asian nation i.e. North Korea. The basic aim of this organization is nothing but to find different ways to collect foreign currency for the Chairman of the National Defense Commission i.e. Kim Jong-il. This most secretive organization of the country was formed in late 1970s which circles the dynastic Kim family. The secretive nature of Room 39 doesn’t spread much detail about this North Korean organization.

Area 51

Area 51 is a worldwide popular military base which probably would be a dream destination to visit by many people in the world. This 3rd in top 10 places you can’t go in the world is located in the southern portion of Nevada at around 133 kilometers from Las Vegas towards north-northwest of downtown. Area 51 base works with the primary purpose of supporting experimental aircraft and weapon systems’ testing and development.

RAf Menwith Hill

The top-rated as well as the most secretive military base in United Kingdom and none other than the RAF Menwith Hill which has its connection to the global spy network named as ECHELON. There’s an extensive satellite ground station on this most secretive site which is also connected to a most advanced missile and communications intercept warning system. RAF Menwith Hill is also recognized as the largest electronic monitoring station across the globe.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is definitely on top of this list of top 10 places you can’t go in the world. This could be the most demanded or hoped place in the world where public wants to go once in their life time. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is generally recognized as the highly classified area across the nation where only a few chosen people along with some listed US government officials can visit.

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