Top 10 Richest Female Singers as of 2012

There is a long list of Richest Female Singers as of magical, beautiful, sweet and amazing female singers in the world that rule the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Singing is a kind of talent that can make you rich overnight. You just need to be perfect in your talent and you voice should be magical. Initially, singing was associated to male singers only but women earned big names (with the passage of time) in this domain, just like they did in many other domains of the life. Below list is about top 10 richest female singers, as per the stats noted in 2012.


Janet Jackson ($100 million)

[caption id="attachment_2648" align="aligncenter" width="668"] Janet Jackson List of Richest Female Singers[/caption]

Initially, when Michael Jackson was on his peak in the music world, Janet Jackson was not very much famous in this industry. But later on, her outstanding performances in the contemporary music category, she managed selling more than 100 million records worldwide. Janet Jackson earned an honor of eleventh best-selling female singer in the country as she has sold more than 26 certified albums in her country so far.


Tina Turner ($350 million)

[caption id="attachment_2647" align="aligncenter" width="591"] Tina Turner List of Richest Female Singers[/caption]

Tina Turner is at No. 10 in terms of richest female singer as of 2012. She is also famous for an awesome actress in United States whose career consists on more than five decades. This top-rated female entertainer in the world has sold more than 180 million copies so far in her career and has earned around $350 million. Rolling Stone magazine has listed Tina Turner in “Greatest Artists of all time” list.


Beyonce ($390 million)

[caption id="attachment_2649" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Beyonce Richest Female Singers[/caption]

Beyonce is among those few lucky female singers that managed listed in the top 3 positions of the top 100 sexiest female singers in the world. This talented, attractive, gorgeous and young female American singer is famous worldwide. Beyonce has an ability to produce great lyrics for her tracks. Besides, she earned fame as an outstanding actress and producer in the country. Beyonce has sold 75 million records so far and has earned around $390 million.


Ayumi Haasakmi ($400 millions)

[caption id="attachment_2650" align="aligncenter" width="592"] Ayumi Hamasaki Richest Female Singers[/caption]

Ayumi Hamasaki is the only Asian female singer in this list. She is from Japan. This 33-year-old gorgeous Japanese singer started her musical career in 1998 and has produced number of worth-listening tracks in this list career of around 15 years. Her magical voice has made millions of fans for Ayumi across the globe. Ayumi is the only Japanese female singer who has sold more than 50 million records in a single country (Japan) only. She has earned more than USD $400 millions as of 2012.


Cher Lloyd ($450 million)

[caption id="attachment_2651" align="aligncenter" width="616"] Cher Lloyd Richest Female Singers[/caption]

None of the worldwide famous female singers could be gorgeous like Cher Lloyd at the age of 65. She is still a stunning beauty and a magical voice regardless of her age. Therefore, she managed reaching 6th in this list in terms of her overall earning so far. This American record producer, director, actress, television personality, philanthropist and recording artist has earned more than USD $450 million in her career. [smartads]


Britney Spears ($500 million)

[caption id="attachment_2652" align="aligncenter" width="614"] Britney Spears Richest Female Singers[/caption]

Britney Spears is a name which is probably the most famous name in English music industry, as long as we discuss about female singers. She remains in limelight most of the time in a year for different reasons; sometimes for a super hit track and sometimes for any controversy. Spears has sold more than 33 millions albums (which itself is a record) and has earned around USD $500 million.


Celine Dion ($600 million)

[caption id="attachment_2653" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Celine Dion Richest Female Singers[/caption]

“My Heart Will Go On” is the track that brought Celine Dion in the list of richest female singers as of 2012. It was the most notable track of the love-story “Titanic”, a super hit movie which was released in 1997. The popularity of this love-story movie also brought worldwide fame for Celine Dion and she successfully managed earning more than USD $600 million so far. She has the honor of selling more than 140 million albums throughout in her career.


Barbra Streisand ($625 million)

[caption id="attachment_2654" align="aligncenter" width="614"] Barbra Streisand Richest Female Singers[/caption]

Barbra Streisand is a worldwide famous American female singer who has won more than 15 major awards so far throughout in her long musical career. This 70-year-old 3rd richest female singer in this list has also won Oscar Award. The net worth of Barbra Streisand is around USD $625 million. Barbra has earned the fame of notable female director, producer and singer in the world. Her exceptional singing lists her in top 10 famous female voices even at this age.


Maria Carey ($750 million)

[caption id="attachment_2655" align="aligncenter" width="613"] Maria Carey Richest Female Singers[/caption]

Maria Carey successfully manages grabbing second position in this list being a riches female singer at the moment. Carey has sold more than 200 million tracks so far which tells us the story of her popularity among music lovers. The net worth of this 42-year-old American singer is more or less USD $750 million as of 2012. It speaks about how popular is this American actress, record producer, songwriter and singer in the world.


Madonna ($1.1 billion) Richest Female Singers

[caption id="attachment_2658" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Madonna Richest Female Singers[/caption]

It won’t be shocking to many if this gorgeous American female singer gets first position in this list. Madonna is a billionaire singer who has been ruling tens of millions of worldwide fans for her magical voice, some bold performances as well as for some outstanding albums. “Like a Virgin” was her most famous single performance that probably earned her money more than any other performance. She has earned more than USD $1 billion (approx. $1.1 billion) so far as of 2012.

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  1. adam

    I think you have mistaken the name and photo for cher. The woman in the photo is cher LLOYD. NOT CHER. and her name is just called cher..

  2. Jess

    You people have got it wrong. Number six is not Cher pictured, it is Cher Lloyd, a UK artist that is popular at the moment. No 65 year old can look that good!

  3. Mike

    Amazing, but not shocking that Madonna is number 1. tho people claim she is a washed up has been…all these years later she still has us talking. Kind of like the Michael Jackson incident. Everyone called him a perv before he died and once died…Greatest thing in the world again.

    People are too wishy washy. Americans want to pretend we are conservative and against cussing on tv, nudity, or what have you…but in secret when nobody is watching…we are all nasty in the head!

  4. hey guys l am a teenages girl that wants to enjoy to be a singer l have a nice and beautiful voice and l am thinking to sing with mariah carey because she is my favorite singer love her voice is perfect .

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