Top 10 Scientists Killed or Injured by Their Experiments

Scientists are generally recognized as the persons who spend years in discovering new techniques, phenomenon and universal values etc. that always are helpful for the mankind. These great people really work very hard to achieve their targets and sometimes take serious steps to reach to any conclusion. Sometimes they even lost their lives and in many cases they got seriously injured in result of their experiments. Below list tells us about top 10 scientists killed or injured by their experiments.    

Jean Francois de Rozier

Jean Francois was popular in his neighborhood and the city as an outstanding teacher of physics and chemistry. Rozier was also included in the list of those who witnessed the first balloon flight in the world that also passionate him to have balloon flight. He initially tested a chicken, a sheep and a duck for the balloon flight and then put himself as the first man to fly in the balloon. He decided to reach England from France after crossing the English Channel, but died after reaching an altitude of 1,500 feet because his balloon deflated suddenly. He fell and died.

Robert Bunsen

The scientific career of Robert Bunsen was started in organic chemistry but this field nearly took his life on two different occasions of arsenic poisoning. These two near-to-death occasions eventually claimed the eyesight of his one eye (right eye) which was the result of cacodyls cyanide explosion. It eventually resulted in changing his scientific career’s field and Bunsen decided to move to inorganic chemistry. Here he discovered spectroscopy.

Elizabeth Fleischman Ascheim

The husband of Elizabeth Fleischman Ascheim was her family doctor before becoming her husband, whom she got married shortly after her mother’s death. Doctor Woolf (her husband) discovered Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen x-rays that also developed interest in Elizabeth Fleischman Ascheim who then decided to continue electrical science study after leaving her bookkeeping job. They bought an x-ray machine, placed it in Dr. Woolf’s office and spent years in experiments. Unfortunately, they were unaware of protecting themselves from x-rays and Elizabeth died of violent cancer.

Sir Humphrey Davy

The name of Sir Humphrey Davy is widely known as one in many greatest inventors and chemist of British history. The starting of Sir Davy’s career is described as very bumpy because he got fired from his very first job as a young apprentice only because he caused too many explosions at an apothecary. Sir Davy had a bad habit of inhaling all those gases he dealt with that time during his experiment. This bad habit produced only one good thing that was the discovery of nitrous oxide’s property of anesthesia, but it left him almost killed in many occasions.

Karl Scheele

Probably the name of Karl Scheele wouldn’t be known to many in the science field but in fact this pharmaceutical chemist did a lot in discovering several chemical elements known today. The most notable effort of Scheele was discovering chlorine, manganese, tungsten, molybdenum and oxygen. Scheele had a bad habit of tasting his invented chemicals and tasted mercury that resulted in his death. This is sixth in top 10 scientists killed or injured by their experiments.

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday spent his whole life with Sir Humphrey Davy as his apprentice shortly after this great scientist got his eyes injured. Faraday really worked exceptionally well and improved the electrolysis method introduced by Sir Davy and made key discoveries in the same field. But unfortunately, Faraday also got his eyes damaged (same as it happened to Sir Davy) in a nitrogen chloride explosion.

Alexander Bogdanov

The name of Alexander Bogdanov wouldn’t be known only to Russian people but he was a worldwide famous economist, philosopher, a science fiction writer and a physician in his time. Bogdanov started experimenting blood transfusion in 1924 and selected himself initially as the experimental object. He successfully transfused himself for 11 times and claimed much better eyesight, but unfortunately the health of donor blood was mistakenly not checked. It resulted in his death because the last donor was having tuberculosis and malaria.

Marie Curie

The notable science discovery “radium” was the result of efforts made by Marie Curie and Pierre (her husband) in 1898. Curie spent remaining part of her life (after discovering radium) in researching radiation and studying further enhancement in radiation therapy. The constant exposure of Marie Curie to radiation eventually resulted in bringing her leukemia disease and she also lost her life of this disease in 1934. This incident is at No. 3 in our top 10 scientist killed or injured by their experiments list.

Sir David Brewster

Sir David Brewster is a well-known (very famous in the human history) Scottish scientist who also earned fame as a great writer. Sir Brewster mainly worked in the light polarization and optics field throughout his experimental life. There is always a requirement of excellent vision in optic field. A chemical experiment performed by Sir Brewster in 1831 almost blinded him. This eye trouble didn’t left him until his death.

Galileo Galilei

The name of Galileo Galilei is probably known to almost every science student across the globe because he was the person behind inventing telescope. Once he was working on the project of refinement of his own designed telescope to be used by the future generations to explore universe, but unfortunately Galileo got ruined his eyesight in this experiment. He got fascinated while viewing/watching sun through his telescope and didn’t get away for hours that resulted in damaging his retinas.

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