Top 10 Spots to Grab a Late Night Drink inParis

If you are in Paris, then you should not get worried about the party places at night. If you love nightlife, then you can choose from several spots where you can have the best enjoyable drink until the wee hours. Here is a list of the 10 spots to grab a late night drink in Paris, without being worried.

Buddha bar

Buddha bar Buddha bar is one of the late night places to serve your drink. Do not get worried on spending 20 dollars on a cocktail. The bar is situated in an exclusive space, ideal for best drinks and meals. It has good ambiance for music and other entertainment.


batofar Batofar is one of the oldest bars that have stayed relevant among many people. You can also line outside the bar that is well lit to make sure you are enjoying. As you take the drinks, you will be in position to hear good pop, techno and electro music.

The Queen bar

The Queen bar It can be counted as a famous nightclub bar in Paris. It is ideal for serving drinks as you watch people in the surrounding. Apart from the best drinks, the club is hub to gay people and ideal for those who want to dance until morning.

Latino Barrio

Latino Barrio This night sport is four storeys high, making it have the best and big capacity to host any people. It serves Latin drinks with Latin music coming from the speakers. As you take your drink, you can enjoy the salsa dances as you wine throughout the night.

Chacha club

Chacha club This club is famous for its art decor inside, with dark imposing outside. It is designed like a private club. While you take your late night drink, you will also enjoy the best mix of pop and electro deejay units. If you are bored at the dining room, you can find solace inside the recording studio.

Rex Club

Rex Club This club is ideal for revelers who want to take dancing just to enhance their mood. Drinks flow freely as you dance to the music here. Take caution with he bouncers as you drink and dance.

Laduree bar

Laduree bar Laduree bar and club is situated in an exclusive neighborhood. It is famous for the macaron cocktails and other options of entertainment. Get fantasies with its gorgeous designs.

Fubar bar

Fubar bar If you are a local visitor, then this is the best place to unwind the night away. It is ideal for taking the martinis, located across the Boulevard. It is famous for its lively atmosphere as you take the drinks.


Moosehead If you love the Canadian lifestyle, the Moosehead is the ideal place for you. This is the best bar where you can take the late night drink of beer and various cocktails. Get immersed with the great Canadian lifestyle and music playing throughout the night.

The Bugsy's

The Bugsy's If you are from UK, go to the passport service department and clear for a great visit to Paris. Here you will get some good British drinks as well as food. You will also mingle with many diplomats as you take on the best served drinks. [smartads]

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