Top 10 Tips for Self Improvement – Really Workable

Self improvement is always necessary for the personality development. A man should keep on doing it. As a saying goes ‘there is always a room for improvement, thus for a man’s self improvement as well there is a room available all the time. But now the question hits the mind – how? For the answers, read the article below.

Be Generous

Always be generous to all and sundry. This is a good thing and you feel great doing generosity to the people. You become generous to people with your sweet smile, actions, advices and many other nice things.

Self Meditation

Self meditation is quite necessary in improvement. We often witness in our surroundings seeing people reaching to realization. Do it by sitting in isolation far from your comfort zone.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Note down your strengths and weakness and do work on them honestly.

Things Which Destroy Your Personality

With the help of meditation, you will learn about the mistakes, wrong actions and sins you have done in your life so far. Take a notebook and write down each and everything on it such as your attitude towards people, how you handle your finances, how you treat your relationships and how you treat your commitments to your work, etc. Don’t go in depth in pointing them out rather just make the points of the things which create problems to you and the people associated with you. Solve them up.

Making and Following Up To-Do-List

Many people make to-do-list but hardly any follow them up. The reasons behind some kind of laziness and workloads which often hits you from tip to toe. In short, the follow up with to-do-list goes astray. If you really want self-improvement, do make to-do-list everyday and do follow it up. [smartads]

Setting the Dates

You do not have to be the one who sets the dates for any goals, but when the time arrives, simply skips away. Remember every goal is achievable if you have made apt planning and set a date for the accomplishment.


Evaluation is MUST for self improvement. And you have to have the courage to do it by yourself and obviously you can do it by yourself with ease and conviction. Just sit in utter isolation and ask yourself question what you have done in life? – What wrong you have done so far? – In which you lack, etc. Note them down in a notebook and then begin solving out these points to improve yourself.

Don’t Delay and Do it Now

We often witness that when the New Year starts or whenever we make planning, we say to ourselves that we will being working on the guidelines we have designed to improve ourselves and work style. We enlist the things to work on but the year goes by and the days go by and nothing of any sort happens. So there should not be any delay and you have to be apt in following up whatever has been designed.

Feedback from Others

Feedback is really important and profitable in self improvement. Do keep asking from your family members and close friends as to what type of person you are and what you should need to improve yourself to become a good person. You can ask your employers and coworkers too as to what is needed for improvement in work.

Always Be Consistent

Well, no doubt in pointing it out the significance of this point since we find majority of the people overlooking it. People then start leaving the consistency in their life and tasks. They begin great on something or anything they start but by the time they get accustomed to it, the consistency factor starts lessening and later on, the old habit then walks back to life – result: nothing changed. Remember – consistency needs to have patience, efforts and time. And it cannot be acquired in a week or month’s time rather it takes lifetime to make you understand that you are changing. Consistency does not mean at all that you are to be perfect instead it means that you should be a better person in life not for yourself but for others.

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