Top 10 U.S. Hotel Bars

U.S is the world famous country and there is hardly anybody who does not want to visit this land. There is a desire to make a trip to the U.S. in all and sundry’s hearts because of the whopping amount of lavish and eye-candy attractions, leisure nightlife, larger buildings and mesmerizing locations and much more. The hotels of the U.S. too are super popular in the world and where they offer many luxuries to enjoy with, they also offer the best bars which you can hardly find anywhere on earth. Let’s check out these lavish U.S. hotel bars.

Gaby Bar

Gaby Bar’s ambiance with high cleanings and dark palette attracts the eyes. Come and enjoy the Hemingway whiskey cocktail enveloped with the clove syrup to raise your mood. It is a great place to experience the best of cocktails.

The Bar

If you are in Hawaii, you cannot get bored even if the sunset happens. The life begins after the sunset. The hotel St. Regis Princeville understands your needs of enjoying lavish life, which is why they offer the champagne toast at 6:30 p.m. every day. The bar is filled with tasty drinks to develop and satisfy your taste.

Bar Belmont

Situated outside the downtown in Dallas, Bra Belmont is a spot for pure entertainment where you can enjoy alcohol with live music, movies, openings, DJs, tarot card readings and so on.


SubMercer is situated at the Mercer Hotel in New York and it is the place which gets central attraction of the visitors. Located beneath the Mercer Kitchen, the visitor has to take elevator to go down and then walk through various doors, you land at the place where you find the mixed crowd sipping the drinks.

Ocho Lounge

The cocktails at Ocho Lounge are famous and everyone would love to cuddle with them. The nights get young at the bar where people come and enjoy the drinks. The cocktails lean immensely on tequila. [smartads]

Cameo Bar

Santa Monica is a place which is already very famous for its beauty and the captivating locations. Salty oceans and palm trees everywhere arrest the breath and you want to hit the space time and again for vacations. The lounge in the hotel is modern and chic and the bar captures your eyes instantly. The party happens outside under the bright sun and DJ plays the fabulous music to chill with. Enjoy the drinks with live music at the Cameo Bar.

Noir Bar

Noir Bar is located at Harvard Square’s edge and undoubtedly a place to check it out completely. The interior of the bar is attention-fetching. Sipping the house cocktail and wines are bets recommended here. If you are short of money, best way is to order from the bar menu than using the function menu.


Bambara bar at the hotel Marlowe is really artistic from every sense of the word. The floor is wooden and the walls of the bar are also made with the wood to create an eye-pleasing magical ambiance. When at night you enjoy the sipping of a house cocktail over a small plate of salmon cake, it fills you with enthralling pleasures.

Blues Bar

Here at this bar, you will get the atmosphere of elegance and class. The décor is simply awesome and magical since it offers the 40s style chairs settings and the art deco Oak bar impresses you utterly. It is a place to sit down and have conversation while ordering a Manhattan. The live music runs every Monday but if you love hearing the blues, then go to Crescendo Jazz and Blues Lounge.

V Bar

Las Vegas is already famous for its brilliant eye-attentive mesmerizing nightlife and when it comes to the hotel bars, the place is superlative. V Bar is not a clubby type of place so if you happen not to be the lover of clubby type of atmosphere, this bar is the apt place for you. But it nonetheless provides the music and space to shake the hips.

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