Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of All Times


Was Nostradamus a Real Prophet? Unsolved Mysteries

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Looking for Unsolved Mysteries ! Nostradamus is recognized as the most famous apothecary and seer of the sixteenth century. He got popularity for writing thousands of prophecies, out of which, many have proved true so far. The most famous prophecy of this personality was predicting the death of Henry II, who lost his life in result of a jousting accident. The famous fire of London, which spread in 1966, was also another notable prophecy of Nostradamus. This is still a mystery that whether the predictions of Nostradamus were the result of any paranormal activity or he was a real prophet?


How Are Crop Circles Created?

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Creation of crop circles is still considered as one of the modern world’s most puzzling phenomenon that requires solution. If it was the matter of a particular place, it could be said that someone chalked them intentionally. But in fact, these kinds of crop circles are seen all over the world in different locations. The stats show that nearly 10,000 crop circles have been reported or noted so far in more or less 26 countries across the globe. 90 percent of these circles are in Southern England. How these circles were made, it is still a mystery.


What is the Secret of Bermuda Triangle?

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An area that actually falls between the Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Florida in the Atlantic Ocean is recognized with the name of Bermuda Triangle. This area is widely used by pleasure cruises and cargo ships, as well as it remains under heavy use of air traffic. This triangle got worldwide popularity after several (probably in hundreds) incident of disappearance of small and large aircrafts and ships, including Star Ariel, Star Tiger, Flight 19 and USS Cyclops. Christopher Columbus also had reported some problems while passing through this area. This is still unsolved mystery that why it happens to the ships passing through this area, but most experts say that it is because of naturally occurring magnetic fields, undersea earthquakes or hurricanes.


What Happened to The Mary Celeste?

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Mary Celeste, a very famous merchant ship of its time, left a mystery behind which is still unsolved even in this modern world. This ship was found abandoned mysteriously by another passing by ship in the Atlantic Ocean on December 4, 1872. Though the compass was smashed but the ship was still in condition of travelling over sea because it was not badly damaged. The ship was floating all alone without sextant and chronometer, since all were missing. What happened to Mary Celeste actually is still a mystery, though many writers portrayed self-made stories about this merchant ship.


Have Aliens Visited Our Planet?

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Aliens have always been in science discussions and there are many notable writers who took this topic as the theme of their stories. Therefore, the aliens have been among the most popular mysteries of the world mostly because of hundreds of science-fiction movies and books. The question is still unanswered or unsolved that have aliens visited our planet ever? It was reported in 1967 that an alien aircraft got crashed in New Mexico around the Roswell area. [smartads]


Do Ghosts Exist?

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We have a belief in life after death and this phenomenon probably exists since the humans evolved into existence. Some believe in staying on earth even after death in ethereal form, while other believes in surviving to enter heaven. This is a big question in modern human’s mind that do ghosts exist? Well, science is still silent to reply this question even after a huge amount of research. Most of the researchers started believing that ghosts exist but still the answer to this question is a mystery.


Who Was DB Cooper?

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The world is still trying to solve a puzzle or mystery that who actually stole around $200,000 from a plane which was on its way to Mexico. The story behind this mystery is that a mysterious man hijacked an airplane, which was to reach Mexico, stole $200,000 and jumped. The man is still a mystery and could not be traced or identified yet. It was Northwest Airlines Boeing 727 which left to Mexico from Portland. The man was sitting in seat 18C and was boarded from Portland. A flight attendant received a note from that man asking $200,000 along with 4 parachutes because he had a bomb. The dummy name of that passenger was Dan Cooper as the ticket was purchased with this name. The man is yet a mystery and could not be solved.


What Happened in Capitol Cornerstone?

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The Capitol Building Cornerstone was originally laid in United States by the George Washington (then US president) on September 19, 1783. The building took around 100 years to reach its completion only because of several mysterious mishaps including fires and changing architects. George Washington would wear tradition costume of Masons especially at the moment he laid down cornerstone of the Capitol Building. It is yet a mystery that whether the Cornerstone was placed to hide something that was not to tell the general public? It is still a mystery.


Secret of the Winchester Mystery House?

San Jose, California is probably famous because of a notable mysterious house in the area which is named as the Winchester Mystery House. This mysterious house was built by a widow Sarah Winchester. One day she was told by a medium who asked her to build a house without stopping. She did it but also killed every member of her family with Winchester rifles. She had no idea why she did it. The staircases of that house go nowhere, there are multiple secret passages that go everywhere and doors are inaccessible. The house is yet a mystery.


Where Did The Colonists of Roanoke Go?

The Colony of Roanoke is also recognized as among top 10 unsolved mysteries of all times. It is considered as one of the biggest mysteries faced by the humans during sixteenth century. A group of more or less 200 people was the part of this colony which had to hold until more of their members come from England. But the colonists were not there when the relief settlers reached the area. They even didn’t left any indication and have become a mystery now. Though several efforts were made to search them but nothing could be resulted in success.

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