Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries – Really Surprising

The world is filled with mysteries and there are also endless unsolved mysteries as well which really make humans think over it but since no solution comes out to solve them, they are still unsolved. In this article, we would dash off content to reveal the top 10 amongst them.

Mary Celeste

It was launched way back in 1860 with the original name ‘Amazon’. After the launch, it faced many accidents on the sea and many owners bought it. Finally it was bought at an auction in New York. It was then renamed ‘Mary Celeste’. On 7th November 1872, this ship left for Italy from New York with Captain, his family and eight crew members on board. It was loaded with 1700 barrels of raw American alcohol. Captain, his entire family and crew members went missing and they were not traced. The ship was located in the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Marfa Lights

These lights are also called Ghost Lights. Marfa Lights have been making their appearances in Texas on the Mitchell Flat East of Marfa. In 1957, they were first discovered by a person called Robert Reed Ellison who let his family members see them. The lights are of the size of a basketball and they float in the air. They appear in various colors such as yellow, white, orange and red but they also appear in green and blue sometimes. The reports say that no one could get close to Marfa lights so far.

Jimmy Hoffa

He was a labor leader and a criminal in the U.S. Being a president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters during the period of 1950 to mid 1960, Jimmy exerted significant influence. Post his conviction, Hoffa spent around 10 years in prison. On 30th July, 1975, Jimmy vanished away from the parking stand in Detroit and no one saw him after that time.

D. B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper is a factious name given to the man who hijacked the plane on November 24th 1971. The plane was flying over the Pacific Northwest and on the southern Cascades. The hijacker jumped from the plane from the rear airstair wearing a parachute. This incident led the aviation authorities to then add more safety and security measures to the planes’ designing to avoid and prevent these kinds of happenings in the future. After this time, the metal detectors were introduced to the airports for the first time. Till today, the mystery of the survival of the hijacker is unsolved.

Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short, 22, was traced murdered and cut in two pieces at a parking stand in Los Angeles in 1947. Soon after her killing, the reports started making the rounds which showed that Elizabeth got the nickname ‘Black Dahlia’ at a drug store situated in Long Beach in 1946 and the name was given to her because of a play made on the then film ‘The Blue Dahlia’. But the investigators deny the reports saying the nickname was given by the newspapers which covered her murder story. Still the police and investigators are unable to find her killer. [smartads]

Jack the Ripper

London turned to be a terrorized area in the later in the year 1888 when the killings started happening in the East End in particular in Whitechapel area. The term Jack the Ripper happened when the newspapers received a letter from a person who claimed to be the killer of all these killings happened in London at that time. The murderer’s victims were the prostitutes whom throats got cut and bodies maimed. Till today, the mystery is unsolved about the murderer.

Voynich Manuscript

A medieval document, it is a strange one which has been dashed off in an unknown script and most importantly its language too is unknown. For more than 100 years, researchers and historians have been trying hard to break this manuscript’s code but in vain. The extant leaves of the manuscript reveal that it was written as a pharmacopoeia and to pour light on the early modern medicine. The manuscript consists of illustrations which show that the book was written in 6 parts such as Astronomical, Herbal, Biological, Pharmaceutical, Cosmological and Recipes.


Bigfoot is shown as an ape man, who dwells reportedly into the forests of British Columbia (province of Canada). Although a number of photos and sightings of Bigfoot have been furnishing but still no one could provide a valid proof of this creature’s existence. The researchers and the experts are of the view that Bigfoot can be a combination of rumors and folklore.

The Taos Hum

It is a sound, which happens to be low-pitched, that is heard around the globe in particular in America, England and Northern Europe. The interesting thing about Taos Hum is that it is normally heard in absolute silent and quiet environment. The ones, who have heard the sound, relate it to a distant diesel engine. Microphones, VLF antennas and other scientific equipments have been proved unsuccessful in tracing this hum. Thus it is still a mystery. A number of scientists have tried hard to know about this sound which is heard by the locals in the town of Taos, Mexico but nothing fruitful took place.

Bermuda Triangle

It is an area which is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. The Bermuda Triangle is famous for the unsolved mystery which happened when a number of boats and planes went missing in utter baffling situations. The authorities and the relevant persons have given many explanations for these disappearances so far such as alien kidnappings, bad weather, time warps and deferment of the physics laws. But there is still no valid explanation for these disappearances at all.

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