Top 10 Unusual Food Combinations Which Develop Brilliant Taste

Food, we cannot live eating it up, is the one thing which helps us live since as we cannot live without breathing likewise we cannot live without food. Apart from the necessity of the food which we have to eat in order to live, we also go grabbing the foods which we eat specially to develop our taste and satisfy the mouthwatering effects which ooze out seeing the delicious foods in front of eyes.

Combination of Coffee and Salt

Adding a touch of salt to coffee really strengthens the flavor. Just a pinch of salt happens to be enough to make a tasty espresso.

Combination of Carrots and Sugar

Although it appears to be weird adding sugar to vegetables but in some of the dishes, sugar plays a vital role to heighten the flavor. In France, it is much common. The term of adding sugar to vegetables is called Vichy Carrots. The term is used when you combine the carrots with pepper, salt, sugar and Vichy water (the water which is sparkling and comes from Vichy region). While making the combination, you cook the dish and when the carrots get glazed, the dish becomes ready to be served. Sugar sweetens the carrots flavor.

Combination of Chocolate and Coffee

Whenever any dish of echolocate is made, it is recommended to use coffee or a little bit of coffee since coffee strengthens the chocolate’s flavor.

Combination of Tomatoes and Sugar

When you make any dish of tomatoes, there is no use to add salt to the dish since tomatoes are already much acidic and when the salt is added, the acidic flavor develops more. Thus it is recommended to add sugar as it sweetens the taste and heightens the tomatoes flavor.

Combination of Meat and Aniseed

While cooking the meat, just put in aniseed. Aniseed cannot be tasted but when it is added to meat, it makes the meat’s taste rich. Thus your dish’s taste will be richer and people will simply love it. [smartads]

Combination of Potatoes and Nutmeg

The interesting thing about this unusual combination is that when you add nutmeg to potatoes, your guests will not recognize but certainly love eating and praising the dish.

Combination of Tomatoes and Foliage

Tomatoes branches are thrown out and only the tomatoes are used in cooking. But majority of us does not know that they have the same taste which we develop from tomatoes themselves. Take a small stick of the tomato plant and cook it up with tomatoes, it will add a strong flavor of tomato.

Combination of Chocolate and Chili

When you add chocolate to chili, it will intensify the chili flavor. Do it and then enjoy the flavor.

Combination of Strawberries and Pepper

Often the dishes made with strawberries are served with confectioner sugar’s sprinkling but when you add a fine pepper (from fresh corns), it will take the taste to super heights.

Combination of Apple and Vanilla

We are aware that apples carry acidic taste despite being sugary. Thus whenever any apple dish is cooked, some sugar is added to slaughter acidity. We often witness people adding nutmeg or cinnamon to the dishes made with apple. But vanilla extract is what that really adds brilliant taste to apple dish.

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