Top 10 Valid Reasons Why People Are Single

Single life is always pleasurable and one can really enjoy being in the state of single. Although staying single for long is a difficult thing since your physical and emotional needs do not allow you at all, but single status is really pleasurable when enjoyed in a brief period. When you come out of a relationship and post that you stay single for some time, this is the time which you love cherishing a lot and this is the time you want to remember in your life. Let’s check put the top 10 reasons to be single.

Hooking Up

Hooking Up Hooking up with others seems joyable when you are out of a relationship. When you are dating someone, you cannot even think of doing so. Or if you do so, your relationship can land into a big problem. Thus while you are out of a relationship, you can easily cuddle up with other and hook up with ease.

No Need Telling Lies

No Need Telling Lies Well, there is no need to tell lies after you are single. This is the benefit of being single as you know guys, you have to tell lies when you are in a relationship about where were you whole day, where you spent the night, etc, etc. If you don’t want to do physical acts, you need not to tell lies. Enjoy single status as much as you can.

No Need Someone’s Demands

Freedom Now you are at liberty to go wherever you want to. You can easily attend the concerts, go shopping, watching movies and coming late or doing whatever hits the mind. You are free from bowing down to your partner’s demands. Oh, what a life without the itching partner.


No Need to Bow Down to Someone’s Demands Freedom and liberties hit your life post the breakup with your partner. Although initially life seems a bit lonely, but soon you start knowing the benefits and pleasures of being single. Now you have independence in life. Your decisions are yours without the effects of other person. Turn your life into whatever direction you want.

New Activities

New Activities You are no off with the recently broken relationship. Why not to enjoy and celebrate the freedom of life? Try slipping into new activities you always wanted to do. But you could not do since you were involved with someone and there was no time for that. Now is the time, enjoy the new activities.


Leisure Life is leisure now after the breakup. You have lots of leisure time and activities to doll up in life. You can watch television, soaps and movies – whatever you want. No one is there now to stop you watching anything. You have control in your hands. Grab on this phase of life instantly or else it fades away.


Self-Reflection When you are single and don’t have to think over other person’s feelings, you get so much time to spend on dolling up other stuff you love the most like reading books, playing games, pursuing your interests, spending time with friends and spelling magic with life.

Grooming Yourself

Grooming Yourself You can groom yourself in whatever manner or way you want. There is no one now to point out or even ridicule you about what you are wearing or what is your fashion statement. Now make your own fashion dos and enjoy them. Groom yourself as much as you can.

Looking at Other Girls

Looking at Other Girls Now you can enjoy eve-teasing and looking with lustful eyes at other girls. You will not feel guilty by doing so. Enjoying seeing other girls will be a real fun which is mesmerizing. You can go in malls, shopping plazas or at crowded places to enjoy seeing the gorgeous and sexiest babes.

Enjoying Physical Acts

Enjoying Physical Acts Wow is the word when the thought of having intercourse with others come in mind. You are at real liberty of having physical acts with anyone you want. There won’t be any blames of cheating someone, etc. You can enjoy the pleasures come right from the physical business with others. [smartads]

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