Top 10 Weird Food Festivals in the World

Generally, food is considered the most important part in any party, event, celebration or festival across the world in any nation, regardless or religion or local culture. Food is also known as a key factor to strengthen and unite community people. Different cultures use different foods to celebrate their different popular occasions including annual festivals. But you will be amazed to know that there are numerous festivals on this Earth that are known as bizarre food festivals. Read below top 10 weird food festivals in the world.

Annual Testicle Festival

You may understand the weirdness of this annual festival just by reading its title. This is at No. 10 in our top 10 weird food festivals in the world. But probably most of you are unaware of the classier name of this festival which is “Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival”. Bull testicles are the main menu in this festival which are served after deep frying with different choices, including marinated, beer battered and deep-fried.

Cheese Curd Festival

Cheese Curd Festival has been celebrated every year since 1984 when a little contest of eating cheese curd was hosted by Ellsworth. This contest was hosted to make local dairy tradition and creamery more popular across the nation. This is the area where more or less 18 million curds is produced annually. The event was attended by around 6,000 people in 2009. Though this festival seems awesome but in fact it is yet another festival that wastes tons of cheese.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Gilroy Garlic Festival attracts more or less 100,000 visitors and participants every year in Gilroy, which is now known as the Garlic Capital of the World (unofficially, mainly because of this festival). All the visitors and participants consume more or less 3 tons of garlic every year. The officials claimed consuming more than 72 tons of garlic by the participants or visitors of this festival in all twenty-nine years.

Coppers Hill Cheese Rolling Festival

It is said that Coppers Hill Cheese Rolling was started minimum 200 years ago but it has now become the most popular event of the year in the world. It attracts worldwide participants and viewers every year. Participants go the top of the hill, roll on to reach down and then combine their efforts to run for a race down the hill. Some participants also get their bones broken in the end.

Ivrea Orange Festival

La Tomatina is not the only festival in which participants throw fruits on each other but there is another very famous yet weird food festival in the world named “Ivrea Orange Festival”. The roots of this sixth in our top 10 weird food festivals in the world are linked back to 12th century. It was the time when oranges would throw by the girls from their balconies during city celebrations and parades, just to get attention of their fancied boys.


Bugfest is a kind of food festival in which participants have to snack on a bug. So participate only if you think you are the one who can eat a basic bug. The good part of participation is that the winner may grab a free entry to the museum or some discounts as well. You may cook dishes only with ingredients that include insects or creepy crawlers. This annual festival is held in Raleigh by North Carolina Museum.

Olney Pancake Race

This pancake race festival has been celebrated in this area since 1445 in which participants have to wear the same attire as generally housewives do (including scarf, apron and skirt). They have to run for 415 yards with frying pan in the streets of Olney. The race starts and ended with tossing pancakes, but in the end the pancake is tossed up by the winner only. Now this weird food festival has expanded the participants to young women as well.

Tunarama Festival

Tunarama Festival was started in 1962 with only one intention that everyone wanted to promote the tuna industry in the world. This industry was then rapidly emerging in the Port Lincoln area. This 3rd in our top 10 weird food festivals is the longest running festival in southern part of largest island country in the world i.e. Australia. There is a lot of free entertainment included in this festival for the participants and competitors as it is for all age groups.

Roadkill Cook-Off

Though Roadkill Coof-off festival is celebrated in Virginia State in United States every year as their Autumn Harvest Festival, but it has gained popularity across the globe as among top-rated weird food festival. This is among most stomach-churning festivals in the world. The animals who got killed on the roadsides are the only cooked menus in this festival. So think twice for participating in this annual event in United States.

La Tomatina

La Tomatina is at No. 1 in this list which is a very famous Spanish festival in Valencia. This annual festival is held in Bunol town in which thousands of people participate every year. Tomatoes are thrown to each other by every participant of this festival. All have to hear a horn sound first to begin this festival until the horn sound is played the second time. The only particular precaution to participate in this festival is to use gloves and goggles.

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