Top 10 Words which Can’t Be Translated into English Language

Playing with the words is a really enjoyable thing. The pleasures ooze out when you enjoy playing with the words and this playing normally takes place with the writers. Besides the writers, common masses too love to know about the words. We continue learning lots of words regularly and on daily basis as well, we keep learning and adding more and more words to our vocabulary. English language is very rich in words and this language, since has become an international; language and in most parts of the world it holds the distinction of being an official language, keeps on borrowing many words from other languages. But there are many words, which cannot be translated into English. And this post will pour light on them. Read on to be aware of these interesting words.


When any dispute happens, we are intended to go talking on the matter to solve the problems or when the disputes are not solved with talks, we take the help of court to settle the matters. But in New Guinea, there is a unique method of solving out the disputes, they take help from Biritululo, which is an act of comparing the yams in order to settle the clashes.


A Bantu word, it means when a person gets ready to forgive abuses for the first time, tolerate them for the second time but never to forgive for the third time.


A Polish term which means doing a cash job but the exact sense shows when you use the pals, bribe, connection or personal charms to get the things done.


This one is a really interesting word from the terra firma of Japan. In Japanese, this word’s meaning shows when a girl looks super stunningly gorgeous from behind but when she is seen from front, she is ugly.


The word ‘Tingo’ is from Easter Island and its meaning is quite interesting. It is used when someone starts borrowing the things from his or her friend’s house by getting them one by one until the whole house gets empty. The closest word in English, if you forcefully want to get out of the dictionary, is thief but the thief does not happen to be a friend. [smartads]


If you are the one who don’t give it a damn to politics and the issues revolving society, then this word aptly fits to you. The term came into being way back in 1944 in Italy when a political party called Fronte dell’Uomo Qualunque went on promoting the anti political feelings plus the distrust of the public institutes. Thus the word means when there is an anti political feeling or mistrust for the public entities is shown.


The entire world is aware of the stereotype of the Japanese mothers who is famous for pushing their kids much harder when it comes to doll up with schoolwork. For this situation, the Japanese have a brilliant word to flaunt off this situation. And the word goes ‘Kyoikumama’. It means ‘education mother’. In the entire Japanese literature and their films, you can witness the usage of this word more frequently.


In a literary sense, Uitwaaien, the Dutch word, means walking in the wind but in metaphorical sense. . The word’s meaning shows that taking a cursory break in country’s side so as to clear the stress and strain.

Esprit d’Escalier

The word depicts the spirit of the staircase literally. The staircase appears to be a reference to one’s exodus or departure from the scene. It is a term which is usually coined for the ones who happen to be much clever that they always utter the right things without even getting failed.


A Danish word, it holds the meaning of ‘an utter absence of anything which is infuriating, irksome or emotionally overwhelming’. This word also means the presence of the soothing, softer and gentle things. Additionally this word also depicts the pleasures one gets from calming and soothing things. Hygge is normally associated with the time of Christmas and the grilling of the Danish sausage. It is also used when on the occasions of the longer summer evenings, people sit around the candles to enjoy the rains.

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