Top 10 Worst Ways to Impress a Girl in 2012 or 2013

What is your common method, trick or way to impress a girl? Hhmm, probably I have asked a tough question. Isn’t it so? Well, I have written a top 10 post on the topic “How to impress a girl – Top 10 methods”. Today, we have decided to teach our readers how not to impress a girl or the worst ways to impress a girl. You may find some ways of this list funniest but these may work in favor to reduce your chances of getting any girl to date. Read below to know some of these worst ways that should be avoided to impress a girl.

Avoid Making Unnecessary Jokes

Some girls like their partners to be with good sense of humors but avoid making unnecessary jokes particularly in the time you are alone with her. Some little jokes are better though but avoid telling her long jokes throughout your time to make her laugh. It will put a negative impression on her and she will decide to spend this time with a person who also knows how to spend a date time.

Try to Impress with Body

Some of you would definitely be regular in body building as it is a craze particularly in young adults studying in the colleges or universities. Body builders are used to bench press. Well, avoid showing off your ability of doing bench press with maximum weight to show off your power. It may not work in the positive sense but may result in breaking your windpipe instead.

Try to prove WWE superstar

You probably are among those few college boys who have strong muscles and a good body physique. I believe this is enough to impress a girl combining it with a sober, descent behavior. So it is suggested never try to prove your power or never try to prove yourself a WWE superstar by doing something extra like breaking a table with your arm or leg shot.

try to show dancing skills

Well, we assume you have succeeded in capturing a girl or now want to have a serious love relationship with her. One night you take her to a long drive, suddenly park your car in a parking lot and try to show of your dancing skills. Well, it is truly a bad idea to enjoy a date night in this manner. So please avoid this particularly in the late night and spend this time in romance rather.

Good or Bad Idea

You probably a good idea from your close friends and have planned to talk about a big game in front of a girl just to get her attention or to impress her. But it is advised that you must advised working on a plan that you can’t back up.

Try to control yourself

5 – Try to control yourself particularly when you select a slingshot ride to impress a girl. It is seen that many of young adults loose their control and start crying just like a baby. It definitely puts a worst impress over a girl which has been selected as your dating target. [smartads]

Avoiding demonstration

Reproducing on whim could be your specialty but mind you, it is not at all a good idea to show off this ability in front of a girl particularly if it is used to impress her. So stop avoiding this demonstration in such cases to present a sober, descent personality.

Try to Impress with Car

Young adults are also seen frying the clutches of their new cars particularly in the area where they see a group of girls. Well, avoid this habit in front of a girl whom you want to be your love partner or next date because it is not at all a sober idea to impress a girl.

Make a Bet

It is a common practice among students particularly studying in the graduation level that they often make a bet to drink whole bottle of Vodka in one chunk. Well, it could be worst if you use same technique to impress a girl as it would not reflect your good personality in front of that girl. She may consider you a non-serious boy.

Show Dancing Skills

If you are a dancer or love dancing in your spare times, you better show off your dancing skills to your friends or may practice alone in your home. But never try to show off such skills in front of a girl whom you want to make your date or you want to have in your life as your love partner, because it could be the worst way to impress a girl.

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