Top 5 Firefighter Calendars for 2013

There’s something about people in uniform which is strangely, unexplainably but undeniably sexy. Whatever you’re into, whether it’s police officers, doctors and nurses, soldiers, or any other kind of professional, when somebody puts on their uniform, it has the power to turn them from a regular person into a sex god or goddess. Perhaps one of the sexiest of them all is the fire fighter uniform. This uniform shows that someone is brave and tough enough to save you from a burning building; holding the fire hose or fire extinguisher to save the day, but also gentle and caring enough to rescue a kitten from a tree. Fire fighters are the faces of loads of calendars all over the world, showing off their super-fit bodies shamelessly. Here’s a glimpse at the top 5 fire fighter calendars for 2013 (and it’s a good thing they know how to fight fire, because they do a pretty good job of raising the temperature!)

Vienna Fire Department Calendar

The Vienna Fire Department’s calendar features some of the sexiest firemen and women in the department posing to raise money for the department, helping them with training, equipment, transport and more. What better way to spend your money than purchasing a calendar full of hunky men and beautiful women to raise money and help save lives? This video gives us a behind the scenes look at what happened during the photo shoot.

Toronto Firefighter Calendar

Toronto has the largest fire department in Canada, and do everything they can to support the public. The Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association has joined with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation to raise money to support cancer research. 100% of the proceeds made from the calendar have gone directly to the fund. Watch some of the hunky firefighters who feature in the calendar being interviewed about it on The Morning Show.

FDNY Calendar

The Fire Department of New York City runs a not-for-profit organisation which promotes fire safety and funds training, professional development and education for its members. They gathered together some of the sexiest fire fighters in New York to put together a calendar which would raise funds to help the organisation, and make New York a safer place. Check out some of this year’s hunks in the video above and see what you could be getting out of donating to the fund!

Kamloops Firefighters Calendar

The Kamloops fire fighters are now in their third year of producing calendars, and all proceeds from the calendars are split between Royal Inland Hospital and the British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund. Last year each charity received $20,000. This year the fire fighters aimed to donate $25,000 to each charity.

Colorado Firefighter Calendar

The CFC, of Colorado Firefighter Calendar, was first created in 2011 as a way of raising more money and awareness for burns victims. All proceeds from the calendars go straight to the Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Centre and other centres all over the state. There are auditions held for the CFC which include a catwalk where firemen and women get to strut their stuff to get their place in the calendar. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what goes on during the auditions, and the video above to get a sneak peek at the behind the scenes shooting of the calendar. The firefighter calendars have proved to be an effective method for contributing to charity; whilst stimulating interest across women, men and the wider community. These calendars across the world have contributed to millions of dollars going to the unfortunate. To these firefighters, we salute! About the author:  Find out more about fire safety from

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