Top 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

Looking Foods for Healthy Hair ! You won’t be able to get much-required healthy hair using shampoos and conditioners only. The best advice could be to step out of the shower to get proper solution to this problem and step in to the kitchen. Studies show that hair generally grows every month between ¼ and ½ inch, and nail growth, skin and foundation of new hair is dependent on the nutrients we eat. Healthy diet is the guarantee to produce healthier and comparatively stronger cells all over the body. Hair and nutrition experts have the same opinion across the world that you can never have thick hair if you have thin, fine hair by birth; but a balanced, healthy diet can be the only solution to get promoted iron and protein (require for healthy cell growth) into your body to get favored result. Every dietary supplement, which is available in the market, is not result oriented and you may wait a long to get thick and strong hair. There are multiple beauty supplements that can be found easily in most of the stores in your area but you should purchase nutrients whenever you have the feelings to grow and thick your hair. It is also said that the excessive use of some nutrients may result in hair loss; for example vitamin A has been proved by experts as linked to the reasons behind hair loss. There are number of nutrients that can enhance hair growth and can be the reason of thickening your hair but below are top 5 foods for healthy hair that can work as foundation to get your dream come true.

Salmon Foods for Healthy Hair

Salmon is truly on top of the list whenever you talk about foodsfull of beauty punches. This ultimate nutrient is fully loaded with iron, B-12 and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is a high-quality source to get protein. You can get maximum support to scalp health with the help of omega-3 fatty acids. You actually get thus hair and dry scalp only because of a deficiency of this element which eventually gives you a dull look. You may add ground flaxseed (two tablespoons) in your routine’s diet to get omega-3 fats especially if you are a vegetarian. [caption id="attachment_300" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Salmon Foods for Healthy Hair[/caption]


Dark Green Vegetables

You may get much-required vitamin A and C by adding Spinach into your diet plan. Spinach work same like we see in case of Swiss chard and broccoli; two ingredients that give vitamin A and C to its users. These two vitamins are required to produce sebum. The natural hair conditioner of the body is an oily substance you can have easily which is actually concealed by follicles of your hair. You may also use dark green vegetables to get calcium and iron for your body. [caption id="attachment_301" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Dark_Green_Vegetables Foods for Healthy Hair[/caption]



It is a unanimous thinking of experts that beans are helpful in producing good, healthy hair. You should add beans into your diet plan as an important part to protect your hair. Beans are excellent source to get much-required plentiful protein which is necessary for hair growth. They also provide biotin, zinc and iron for your body. Studies proved that biotin deficiencies are the reasons behind brittle hair. Experts recommend having beans or lentils every week with a quantity of minimum three cups. [caption id="attachment_302" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Beans Foods for Healthy Hair[/caption]



Have you ever used nuts to get shiny and thick hair? You should if you have not. Studies proved that you may get plenty of selenium by using Brazil nuts because these are excellent source of this mineral. Selenium is regarded as an essential mineral for scalp health. It is described about walnuts that they contain alpha-linolenic acid which is helpful in conditioning your hair. Nuts are also regarded as a key source to get plenty of zinc, same like you can have through almonds, pecans and cashews. Zinc deficiency is the reason of hair shedding. Therefore, nuts should be in your diet plan. [caption id="attachment_303" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Foods for Healthy Hair[/caption]



Healthy hair, which is surely the need of every human, may be achieved using turkeys and chickens because they contain much-required high-quality protein. Low quality or inadequate protein may result in brittle hair, while loss of hair color can be the result of profound protein deficiency. Poultry is also regarded as a main source to get high degree of bioavailability of iron which can be used by your body easily to reap benefits. Top 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

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