Top 5 Most Famous Horse Jockeys

The jockey is the key to a horse’s success. Their determination, strategy and ability to manage the horse’s natural resources – as well as their personalities, make them unique among all sportsmen. The most famous horse jockeys are known not just for their skill, but often for the types of wins and the mounts they rode to victory. For some, like George Woolf, it was the chance to ride a horse that became a legend that puts them to the front of the list. A respected rider in his own right, the George Woolf Memorial Jockey award is one of the most prestigious recognitions a jockey can receive.

Laffit Pincay

Laffit Pincay Laffit Pincay had over 9,000 career wins. He gained fame as the winner of the Kentucky Derby in 1984, but it was the three subsequent wins of the Belmont that brought him to the world’s attention. He was a part of the battle to overcome Secretariat and his races against what many consider to be “an unbeatable horse” captured the nation’s respect. He rode Swale against Secretariat in the Preakness and Belmont and their struggles played out on national TV as horse racing, betting and breeding hit all-time highs of popularity. Melody Acres Stables should consider reaching out to him to see if he needs any training on how to ride a horse ;).

George Woolf

George Woolf Known as the “Iceman,” he is the namesake of the coveted George Woolf Memorial Award. He name is synonymous with excellence, despite what would be considered a short racing career these days, only 721 career wins. He rode in the late thirties but is one of the most famous horse jockeys because he was the jockey that rode Seabiscuit. A recent movie and book of the same name have furthered his reputation and name recognition.

Eddie Arcaro

Eddie Arcaro Eddie Arcaro is known for many things. He won the US Champion Jockey by Earnings 10 times, due in no part to his being a brilliant strategist and finisher. His work ethic and style gave him two complete Triple Crown wins, as well as holding the most wins in the Preakness. He was known in the field for his spirited approach to training and racing, something which made him legendary for some less than stellar reasons. Let’s just say you probably won’t find Eddie signing up for lessons for horseback riding any time soon.

Willie Shoemaker

Willie Shoemaker Willie is perhaps one of the most famous horse jockeys outside of the horseracing world as he was featured frequently in coverage of the Kentucky Derby and Belmont by popular media. He is considered legendary in the business, not just for being a Woolf recipient and earning the US Champion Jockey by Earnings award in 1990, but because he has ridden over 40,000 races.

Gary Stevens

Gary Stevens While Gary Stevens is famous to many younger people as a popular analyst for HRTV and NBC sports for their horseracing coverage, fans of the track will recognize the name because he has been the jockey to come close to winning all three of the Triple Crown races in 1997. In his overall career, he had 4,888 wins with 8 of them bring Triple Crown Races. About the author: As the operations office manager for an internet website marketing corporation, Dan engages as a posting visitor so as to service the business world owned and operated in the U.S.A.. He lives in Los Angeles, loving these days with his beautiful spouse and 3 kids. D. man requests readers to glance at his Google Plus page at some point. [smartads]

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