Top 5 Places of Bustling of Villa Life @ Bali

Have you heard about Bali Luxury Villas? Not yet? Not a problem, the next time you plan for your vacation think about Bali Luxury Villas that offer a host of opportunities and ambience for vacating in peace with your family without sacrificing too much on your city life. Number of villas at Bali is on rise day by day and majority of them are beach facing thereby combines the amenities of a tropical garden villa and a sea beach villa. You can say a good top-up to enjoy with your family. A small island off the Indonesian coast Bali throws open a host of opportunities and avenues of entertainment. It is believed to be one hot-spot of natural sights and cultural resources. One can in fact drive up and down the coast in a single day; but mysteries of unknowns will still attract him / her for several months for sure. Bali has bag-full offers like rustic countryside experience coupled with crystal clear beach water, profusely colorful marine life, a vibrant culture alongside mystic temple ceremonies. Haven’t you become passionate yet? If not, stay put in Bali Luxury Villas on your arrival there. Check out at least one of the following places there for your gratification and value for money. Some of the places have been developed for tourists and others not; but it won’t stop you from exploring.


Kuta It is a budget place and tourists throng over here. But, though traffic has been low post bombings in 2002 it still manages to draw a good number of visitors every year. You can be made to feel somewhat awkward by the sidewalk hawkers or shopkeepers – mostly selling surf gears and pirated DVDs. Kuta’s coastline is one of the most fascinating place that you would love as you get to see pearly-white sea foams pounding on the shores of golden sands.


Ubud Drive to central Bali for a recluse, away from the din and bustle of Kuta. Ubud is culturally sound. You can visit Hindi temples, museums and the palace of the Balinese royal family. The royal palace bears Ubud’s historical and architectural influences on Bali. You can have a taste of the local dance and music too followed by a sumptuous Balinese meal cooked out of local supplies. A part of Ubud still looks sleepy despite of quick progression on its neighboring places.

Nusa Lembongan

This is a perfect place for hanging around without the aggression of the hawkers as it’s a relatively less developed island off the mainland Bali. Nothing has been done so far to develop it as a tourist hot-spot unlike Kuta and Ubud. This part of the Bali has powdery white sand and aquamarine sea water that makes it conducive for swimming, snorkeling, surfing and diving.

Gunung Agung

It towers around the clouds in Bali and therefore, houses an active volcano and the highest peak of the island Bali. The western part of the mountain has greeneries while the eastern part reels under dry and barren condition.


It is the home to the richest of Hollywood and therefore, luxury is the name of the game in Seminyak. It has evolved as a hot tourist destination. World class restaurants, cuisines, boutiques, health centers and above all Bali Luxury Villas have mushroomed here vying for a bit of the pie that Seminyak has in store through its hot-spot status. So, the next time you plan for holiday think about Bali ahead of others for a mixed feel and thrill of adventurous destinations and life. [smartads]

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