Top 8 Incredible Self Surgeries

Self-surgery is generally described as a surgical process in which a professional, experienced doctor performs its own surgery. Normally self-surgery is not in practice as a variety of professional doctor or surgeon is available all over the world, but in some cases it becomes extremely important to go through this phase. Below list contains information about top 8 incredible self surgeries ever happened and noted in the history.

Dr. Jerri Lin Nielsen

The self surgery process of Dr. Jerri Lin Nielsen is at No. 8 in our top 8 incredible self surgeries list. Dr. Nielsen was very famous for her extensive ER experience who was generally among popular American physicians. American authorities hired her services to render at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in 1998 where she had to perform her duties being the only doctor. The doctor discovered a lump in her body in March 1999 just around her right breast and decided to operate herself as biopsy has proved it cancerous.

Douglas Goodale

Douglas Goodale was hauling lobster up from the sea floor sometime in 1998. This 35-year-old lobster fisherman was originally the resident of the Maine area in United States. As soon as he started pulling his first trap, a huge wave hit the boat and the rope eventually got spooled in the drum. He got his sleeve stuck into the winch as soon as he tried to turn off the motor of the drums. Suddenly his hand and arm was in the control of winch. The only way in this situation for this fisherman was to cut his arm and he did it.

Amanda Feilding

Amanda Feilding is a worldwide recognized name because of a prominent British figure who earned fame being a scientific director and artist. Feilding searched for years to know about any professional surgeon to get treatment for her medical condition. She needed to go for trepanning but couldn’t find any reputable surgeon. This procedure requires drilling into skull just to let blood easily flow within and around the brain. She decided to do it herself, picked up a dentist’s drill, wore dark glasses just to not allow blood entering into her eyes.

Sampson Parker

Sampson Parker, who was the resident of South Carolina and was a farmer by profession, was harvesting corn in September of 2007, when rollers suddenly stopped cutting corn after something got stuck in it. The roller was still running when Parker tried to pull out the stuck stalks, but unfortunately it grabbed his hand. Parker tried around an hour to pull his arm and yelled for help but no one was there in this isolated field. A nearby iron bar was then used by Parker to jam the chain and then used a small pocket knife to cut his own fingers.

Aron Ralston

Aron Ralston’s self-surgery made the worldwide news and would probably be known to many. Ralston is widely known in United States as a mountain climber who is by professional a mechanical engineer. He was supposed to start his career in engineering but left for his climbing passion. A boulder fell during his sole trip in Blue John Canyon which pinned his right forearm. Ralston tried for five days to pull boulder out of his forearm but failed. Ralston then decided to get rid of his already dead arm and cut it using a dull blade.

Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane

Medical profession knows Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane as a pioneer in the world. He served his tenure exceptionally well at Kane Summit Hospital in New York City as the chief surgeon. Kane always had an intention to prove that minor operation doesn’t require any kind of anesthesia always. Therefore, a test case pointed him to put in the experiment. Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane operated his appendix without using anesthesia. Then in 1972, inguinal hernia self-surgery was also made by Dr. Evan O’Neill Kane without anesthesia.

Dr. Leonid Rogozov

The self-surgery incident of Dr. Leonid Rogozov is at No. 2 in our top 8 incredible self surgeries list. The doctor was placed at the age of 27 at the Novolazarevskaya base by the Russian authorities in the Antarctic. Doctor faced appendicitis pain and went through his own surgery process in worsening condition. There was not any support aircraft and long wait would result in burst appendix, Dr. Leonid decided to do it himself.

Ines Remirez

Rio Talea Mexico is a small village in Mexico which has around 500 people registered as its population. Ramirez Perez is the part of this population who was born in 1960. This 40-year-old mother was all alone in her room in year 200 when her labor pain started. She decided to help herself by sitting up in birthing position and leaning forward. Her last pregnancy had converted into a fatal death of her kid, so she decided to operate herself. She grabbed a knife (15-cm), drank a bottle of rubbing alcohol and began to cut. She pulled her baby out after around an hour of struggle.

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