Top atrocities committed in the name of religion

It can be seen from history of mankind that unbelievable atrocities and violence is conducted all over the world in name of religion and god. In every century large number of people were brutally killed and tortured, just to emphasize and impose one religion on other religion. List of 8 atrocities committed in the name of religion around the world in different times are as follow:

Religious atrocities in India

Bloodshed of Hindus and Muslims in India are as old as history of India. During Muslim rule in India Hindus were deprived of their rights in land. Likewise, during the segregation of Sub-Continent hundred of Muslims and Hindus killed, raped and tortured each other in name of religion. In 1983, around 3,000 Muslims were murdered in province of Assam in Hindu Muslim riots. In 1984 another series of riots initiated between Hindus and Muslims in which 756 people injured, 216 people killed, 4,100 people were imprisoned and 13,000 people became homeless.

Killings of Jews in 1349

From 1348 to 1349 Black Death was rolling over Europe. People believed that it was due to poisoning of wells by Jews. This rumor initiated riots in huge part of land and thousands of Jews were slaughtered in different countries. In Germany, people burned bodies of Jews and float the ashes into river Rhine stacked in wine casks. Various Jews were walled inside their houses alive in North Germany. In Thuringia, prince burned his Jew servant merely to please god.

Jihad in Islam

Islamic teachings were misinterpreted by various Muslims around the world. These Muslims consider Jihad as religious obligation and bloodshed large number of non Muslims in the name of so called Jihad. Muslims formed various religious groups such as Al Qaeda, Taliban, Baitul masood etc. These groups tend to kill non Muslims to achieve their required targets in name of religion. More than 3,000 people were killed in attack of 9/11 by Bin Laden who was head of Al Qaeda group. Large numbers of Muslims were brutally punished by Taliban government in Afghanistan in name of Islam.

Sacrifices of Buddhist Burma-1850

From 1850 until now humans are sacrificed in name of religion by Buddhist of Burma. In 1850 the capital of religion was transferred to Mandalay and at that times 56 men were killed and buried under the walls of new city as sacrifice was made for protection of the city. Then it was forecasted by religious astrologers that it is mandatory to make sacrifice of 500 people to ensure security of state. More than 100 people were killed but this brutal action was halted by British Governor of state. Recently also hundreds of Muslims were brutally killed by Burma Buddhists.

Human sacrifice of women

Human sacrifice of women in modern times From 11th century to 16th century human sacrifice especially of maidens flourished in Central America. Various people were murdered with arrows and beheaded with swords and maidens were killed by drowning in wells known to be sacred for their serpent god. Similar sacrifices continue in other parts as well. Pre-Inca tribes of Peru sacrificed large number of children in “Houses of the Moon” that were sacred temples of tribe. To purify pile houses, builders of houses purify the place with blood of maidens in Borneo. In India also male children were killed in various villages to please their goddess Kali Mata on every Friday.

The Witch Hunts-1600

In 1600 witch hunt was begun in England by religious priests. For this purpose they formed religious police that empower them to punish, torture and even killed any women practicing witchcraft or even blamed for witchcraft. Thousands of women were hanged, tortured and migrated to other places to save their lives. If any religious Quaker tries to stand against the law were equally punished by religious heads. Religious police killed about 2 million women considered as witches and thousands of women were put into the prisons and tortured maliciously for three centuries.

The Aztec Human Sacrifice-1300

In 1300 Aztecs establish their theocracy and practiced the vicious act of human sacrifice as their religion obligation. It has been documented that almost 20,000 people were sacrificed every year to acquire blessings of their god. According to their belief they need to sacrifice one human on daily basis to satisfy the blood thirst of sun as their god. Vicious Aztecs even take heart out of the body of sacrificed people and even ate flesh of these victims as part of celebrations. These people even sacrificed children to please god of rain as they believe that tears of children can bring rain to them. Priests of religion also take sacrifice of virgins to please goddesses.

First crusade

In 1095 the first crusade known as “Deus Vult” was initiated in Jerusalem. The objective of the war was to eliminate people of other belief from holy land of Christians. Crusaders gathered initially in Germany and killed or burned thousands of Jews in the land. This crusade spread in other part of land also and every non Christian was killed with the 2,000 miles of Jerusalem. These atrocities committed in the name of religion were only small of part of history. History of mankind is full of such inhuman events where humans disgrace humanity in the name of God. [smartads]

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  2. MS

    The crusades shouldn’t be on there unless you tell the whole truth! The Crusades were a response to the constant killing of Christians in the Holy Land by ruthless muslims for centuries.

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