Top Famous Incredible Recordings

Below list describes top famous incredible recordings that were ever made across the globe. Some top items of this list are truly horrific and therefore, should be avoided by weak-hearted people to watch. I recommend control your nerves before watching these incredible recordings of the human history. It is truly very difficult to list which one on top, second or third position. I just tried my best to create this top famous incredible recordings’ list for our readers, and hope I justified.

First Recording on a Phonograph

Frank Lambert is widely known as the very first singer who attempted and recorded the very first phonograph recording in the history. This French-American inventor was originally a man from Lyon, France who selected America as his final living destination in 1876. Lambert got American citizenship later on in 1893. The name of Frank Lambert is listed in Guinness World Book of Records as the first recording artist who recorded on phonograph.

Russian Exorcism

Exorcism is the term which was started using by the Orthodox Church as well as by the Roman Catholic Church. They started using this term to cast devils out of person who was possessed by the devils. Russian exorcism broadcasted nothing but the prayers recited by a priest of the ritual while there is a scream of multiple voices in the background which comes from the afflicted persons. Some of you may find it horrifying to listen and therefore should be avoided by the people having nervous disposition problem.

Number Stations

Number Stations got popularity in the world during World War I and were recognized as the shortwave radio stations. The origin of these radio stations was not known to the world at that moment but they have been successfully managing running on air since then. The broadcasts from these radio stations are usually made in female voice. General broadcasting from these stations consists on letters, words or numbers.

Pope Leo XIII

Many of you will have the same concept that probably the pope can never sing being a priest and should avoid music. But Pope Leo XIII was the only historically renowned pope in the Christian religion who managed recording his voice. This pope reigned in the history from 1878 to 1903 being the 256 th Pope of the Christian religion. Pope Leo XIII also got popularity for making Anglican religious orders invalid and promoted Bible study very strongly.

Mado Robin

Mado Robin is generally recognized as an outstanding or amazing French singer who was very famous being the highest recorded note holder at her time in the classical music. Just must listen the below attached song and decided if the last note of this song is unbelievable or not. The highest recorded singer of the musical history (classical music history rather) is widely known as the Georgia Brown who managed reaching G10 note (considered very difficult to hear by humans).

Lord Hawhaw (William Joyce)

William Joyce, also known with the name Lord Hawhaw among his fans, was mainly recognized as the fascist politician among his nation’s people. It was known for William Joyce that this recording artist was a notable worker for the Nazi forces. The posh English accent of Lord Hawhaw became the top reason for his voice to get the mocking nickname. Hawhaw used radio stations in Luxembourg, Hamburg and Berlin to broadcast propaganda for Nazi’s.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins is also regarded as the worst recorded singer ever in the music history. But you probably will never believe that this worst singer successfully managed selling all tickets of her concert held at Carnegie Hall which is really shocking to many. There were many admirers of Florence Foster Jenkins (another shocking news for many) even with an awful voice. The below song was recorded by Jenkins in one shot and the recording artist was told that another try was never needed. Just listen and decided yourself.

Alessandro Moreschi

All the recordings related to Alessandro Moreschi were made in Rome and his recording sessions are generally described as made in two sessions, mainly for the Gramophone and Typewriter Company. First session of his recording series was started on 3rd April 1902 and ended on 5th April 1902 which was recorded by Will Gaisberg and Fred Gaisberg, while the second session of Alessandro Moreschi was made in April 1904 in Rome. The recording of Moreschi is incredibly eerie.

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