Top Famous Intelligence Agencies in the World

Intelligence agency is one of the most powerful and significant organization of any country. The objective of the intelligence agency is to collect and analyze any information required for stability of government and country. Intelligence agencies work covertly to ensure the integrity and security of country. These agencies provide services to other departments of country like Defense department, Department of national security, law enforcement agencies and department of foreign policies. Every country has its own intelligence agency however, 10 super intelligence agencies in the world known for their style of work and influence are as follow:

Intelligence Agency of France DGSE

DGSE is intelligence agency of France and it stands for Directorate General for External Security. This intelligence agency was founded on 2nd April in year 1982. More than 5,000 employees are working under DGSE. The director executive of agency is Erard Corbin de Mangoux. DGSE offers intelligence services along with the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence and reports to Ministry of defense of France. History of DGSE is not very extensive however; it is responsible for collecting information regarding foreign intelligence and assist government to deploy effective foreign policies.

Intelligence of Germany BND

BND is abbreviation of Bundesanchrichtendienst and it is only intelligence agency of Germany. BND was established on 1st April in year 1956. More than 6,000 employees are working under this organization. Gehlen Organization is executive of BND. This agency is responsible for civil intelligence as well as military intelligence for country. BND collects all intelligence information required for security of country and provide information directly to government in case of any threat. To acquire information this agency relies on resources like surveillance system and wiretapping communication at international level. BND monitors information regarding activities like WMD proliferation, terrorism, crime, drug trafficking, weapons dealing, illegal immigrants, money laundering and transfer of technology illegally.

Australian Intelligence agency ASIS

ASIS stands for Australian Secret Intelligence Service. It was founded on 13th May in year 1952. Headquarter of the ASIS is located at Canberra, Australia. Nick Warner is director general of the organization. According to statistics of 2007 the annual budget of organization was $162. 5 Million. This organization was founded covertly and its reality was also hidden from government for many years. ASIS monitors counter intelligence activities especially in regions of Pacific and Asia. The objectives of organization include gathering information regarding foreign intelligence; ensure the integrity and survival of country economically as well as politically along with security of Australia and its people.

Intelligence agency of China MSS

MSS is one of most influential and largest security agency of China.MSS stands for Ministry of State Security. Headquarter of the organization is located in Beijing. Geng Huichang is Minister of State Security of MSS. This agency not only performs operations of foreign intelligence but it also plays active role in internal security matters of country. MSS is responsible to take required action against agents of enemies and monitor any revolutionary activities that can disturb existing system of country. The organization also collects information regarding intelligence activities of other countries. Agents of MSS are versatile and perform their duties while living among common people.

Indian Intelligence agency RAW

The RAW is an intelligence agency of India formed on 21 September in year 1968. RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing and headquarter of agency is located in New Delhi. The executive of agency is K.C. Verma who is secretary of RAW. Before RAW the internal and external intelligence of country was handled by Intelligence Bureau of India. RAW was established after 2 successive wars faced by India that were 1965 War of India Pakistan and 1962 war of Sino-India. RAW is responsible for various secret operation and external intelligence processes. It is also responsible to prevent terrorist activities in country. It also offers suggestions to policy makers of country on basis of information gathered from its resources.

Russian Intelligence agency FSB

FSB is Russian intelligence agency descendent of renowned intelligence agency KGB. FSB was formed on 3rd April in year 1995. Headquarter of the FSB is located at Lybyanka Square in Moscow. It is the same place where headquarter of KGB was once located. Actual number of employees of the intelligence is unknown however, it is estimated that 350,000 employees are working for this Russian intelligence. FSB is responsible for various intelligence activities inside and outside border of country. Activities like surveillance and counter terrorism is Russia are also job of FSB. In Russia all law enforcement departments operate under rules and regulations set by this intelligence. FSB also maintains security and integrity of country by preventing crimes like drug smuggling, crime and terrorists activities.

Pakistani Intelligence ISI

Inter Service Intelligence is Pakistan’s least funded and most accomplished organization. It was founded in 1948 to ensure the stability of country after segregation of Indo Pak subcontinent in 1947. Headquarter of the ISI is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The director general of agency is General Lt. General Zaheer ul-Islam. ISI holds huge success record and known as one of best intelligence agency worldwide. In the history of ISI, not a single agent of organization was ever caught on camera similarly, not a single double agent is found in agency in its past record. ISI was highly successful to restrict interference of Soviets in Pakistan. It also defeats plans of KGB to gain control of central Asia. Nuclear plans of Pakistan were also secured by ISI. ISI continuously interfere Indian policies to restrict its efforts to become ultimate power in South Asia. ISI is ultimate organization in country free of laws of State and any other organization. ISI also holds almost 10,000 agents that are maximum number of agents throughout the world.

Intelligence Agency of UK MI-6

MI-6 is CIA equivalent intelligence agency of United Kingdom. It was established as Secret Service Bureau in 1909. This agency is controlled by government of UK and it’s headquarter resides at Vauxhall Cross in London. The director general of MI6 is Sir John Sawers. Although actual success stories of agency are kept extremely secret however, some of known successful missions are as follow: • After recruitment of Oleg Penkovsky during Cold War, MI6 was able to solve crisis of Cuban Missile. • Acquisition of information regarding activities in Norwood however it does not interfere at government orders. • Tu-144 program of supersonic airline was also disrupted by MI6.

Agency of Israel Mossad

Mossad is famous Intelligence agency of Israel. It was formed on 13 December, 1949. Estimated number of employees working in organization presently is 1200. Tamir Pardo is director of Mossad. Various successful missions have been conducted secretly under supervision of Mossad. The organization provides intelligence services to military intelligence Aman, internal security Shin Bet, Parliament and other government bodies. However, the director of Mossad is answerable to Prime Minister of country only. Some successful and renowned missions’ carried out by Mossad include: • PLO Operations carried out as revenge of killing of Israeli athletes in Olympic Games of 1972. • Before 1968 war, Mossad was able to acquire MiG-21. • In 1980 Mossad assisted USA to retain unity of Poland.

American Intelligence Agency CIA

CIA is one of most accomplished and technologically advances intelligence in the world. It is established on 18 September, 1947. Director of CIA is Michael Morell and presently about 20,000 employees are working under CIA. The main objective of CIA is to gather required information regarding other countries, people, corporations and groups and then provide it to policy makers of government of United States. It also carries out secret missions if required by US President or security agencies. CIA is also most highly funded organization of USA. [smartads]

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