Top Famous Interesting and Amazing Facts about Japan

Japan actually started its journey of success after the World War II. It doesn’t mean that it was a poor country in the past, but World War II actually devastated this country too much and they literally got damaged their economy in every sense. Japanese then worked exceptionally hard and brought their country back into the race over the years. We write this post to tell you about some uncommon things about Japan. Below list is about top famous interesting and amazing facts about Japan.

Japanese Culture

Interesting and Amazing Facts about Japanese Culture: 1 – Japanese tradition doesn’t allow wearing shoes inside any restaurant, private home or shrines. 2 – You are not allowed to address any person with his/her first name. It is the last name of everyone which is used to call him/her with an additional word “san”. 3 – The soup is generally eaten in Japan making slurping noises because they consider it an act of appreciation. Means the guest likes your meal. 4 – You can’t turn your back to anyone especially the person standing in front of you has relatively higher social status. 5 – You can’t stick your chopsticks directly into rice bowl because this custom is done only at funerals just in intention to honor the person just got dead. 6 – Japanese culture doesn’t allow touching, hugging or kissing. Even you will hardly find such activities in public.

Japanese Diet

Interesting and Amazing Facts about Japanese Diet: 1 – The science claims that the traditional Japanese foods help their people living a long, healthy life. You probably have idea that the life expectancy in this country is higher than any other place on Earth. 2 – Japanese people give the name of “brain food” to all seafood they eat. 3 – Japanese pickles, Salmon fish, Miso soup, Green Tea and rice are included in the traditional Japanese breakfast. 4 – Japanese eat rice as their main, most beloved food which is generally cooked with every dish they eat. 5 – Japanese eat raw horse meat as their favorite foods that are cooked after slicing them thinly. This raw food is named “basashi”.

Japanese History

Interesting and Amazing Facts about Japanese History: 1 – A policy of isolation was adopted by the shoguns during 16th century. This policy banned all international contacts. 2 – Japan got isolated from the rest of the world until 1853 when shogun was forced by the U.S. Navy’s Commodore Perry to make a trade agreement. 3 – The most devastating earthquake in Tokyo hit the area in 1923 which claimed around 130,000 lives all in a sudden. Almost every place in Tokyo was under fire. 4 – There are more than 200 volcanoes in Japan.

Japanese Population and Geography

Interesting and Amazing Facts about Japanese Population and Geography: 1 – Japan is the country where suicide rate is extremely high and it ranked No. 9 in this list in the world while at No. 2 in OECD. 2 – By the year 2030, almost 25% population of this Asian country would reach the age 65. 3 – Tokyo is the home to largest population in the world where currently more or less 30 million people reside. 4 – Almost 70 percent of the total Japanese land consists on mountains while the land suitable for human settlement is only around 18 percent. This is the only reason we see most crowded cities in Japan. 5 – Japan is the country which includes on around 6800 smaller and 4 main islands. 6 – Tokyo is among those cities in the world that are renowned for safest and cleanest underground systems. 7 – The buildings in Tokyo are not given any name but are numbered to remember. This number is given in order the buildings got constructed in this city. 8 – The streets have no names in Japanese capital Tokyo. 9 – This is the country which has almost 100 percent literacy rate. 10 – Generally heads are shaved in Japan by many people as a form of apology. 11 – Almost everyone in Japan has a job and earning good because the unemployment rate in this Asian country is less than 4 percent. 12 – The conviction rate in Japan was as high as 99 percent in the past.

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