Top Famous Notch Sexiest Czech Republic Supermodels

Czech Republic is a country rich with cultural things and the fashion and buildings to rave big about. Fashion industry has started booming in the country. Since the fashion fraternity now enjoys world fame in the country, Czech models are now becoming world focus. Here in this article, we will talk about the top notch Czech supermodels who have made their presence felt with their classy beauty and looks. Read on.

Veronika Varekova

Veronika Varekova She is the regular on the cover of Sports Illustrated Weekly magazine. She has been featured on this sports weekly for 8 times. This is the big distinction for the model. Veronika was born in 1977. There is another big distinction for the model that she has been clicked by the world’s best in the industry such as Gap, Chanel, Pantene and Victoria’s Secret.

Hana Soukupova

Hana Soukupova She was born in 1985 and appears to be the much active model in the fashion industry. Till date, Hana has been featured on more than 80 magazine covers such as Allure, Vogue, Ell and W. More than 4000 pages of fashion stories have been penned on this babe. She has done more than 500 runway shows till date.

Helena Houdova

Helena Houdova Her claim to fame is many coveted association with the world renowned brands and the likes. Born in 1979, Helena is famed for her fashion works in endless amount of fashion magazines. She is also known for making donations to many charities. In 1999, she was also named Miss Czech Republic.

Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova She was born in 1985 and she is the one who opened avenues for many Czech models in international modeling and fashion scene. In 1988, she was rated as the highest paid model in the entire world. She has been featured on countless magazine covers so far and is a big name in the fashion and modeling industry.

Tereza Maxova

Tereza Maxova Tereza is a famous name in the fashion and modeling fraternity and she was born in 1971. She has modeled for such famed brands like Chanel, Prada, Dior, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren and many others.

Daniela Pestova

Daniela Pestova She turned out to be super famous as The Chameleon for her skills to change her looks. This supermodel was born in 1970. The interesting and lucrative thing for her is that she has been featured in Sports Illustrated for ten times. Well, this is really a big honor for her and her country.

Tatana Kucharova

Tatana Tatana was born in 1987 and she happens to be the much famous babe of the fashion industry of the world and the most coveted name of her country’s fashion and modeling scene. She bagged the Miss World Competition in 2006 when she was studying in high school. She is a real beautiful and classy woman.

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova Petra was born in 1979 and she too has her distinction on appearing on Sports Illustrated Weekly issues. She made her appearances on the issues for 5 times. This shows that majority of the Czech models have appeared on Sports Illustrated. She is a classy lady and has charms to attract the masses.

Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova Eva is a class apart and she is a real classy model of Czech Republic. She is hot, she is sophisticated and she is super sexy. Eva was born in 1979 and she has the big distinction of appearing and becoming the face of the WonderBra campaign. On many coveted brands of the world, she has made her appearances.

Karolína Kurkova

Karolína Kurkova Karolina is famed for being the coveted name of Victoria’s Secret angel. She has modeled for fashion giants such as Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Galliano, Hugo Boss, Versace and many others. [smartads]

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