Top Famous Tattooed Persons

Body painting or tattooing has become a global fame at the moment and is very popular among the young generation particularly. Tattooing is also going to get its recognition among celebrities, sports personalities and other showbiz related figures. Below is a list of top tattooed persons who have extreme body paints that are matchless and awesome:

Rick: The Zombie Boy Tattooed Persons

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Rick has now become a popular figure in Canada only because of his tattoos that can be seen everywhere from head to toe on his body. He decided to turn himself into zombie and has spent more than $4,075 Canadian dollars so far to fulfill his dream. Rick has gone through around 24 hours of tattoo processing to look like zombie. Rick has now become an Internet celebrity and is discussed in almost every popular tattoo related blog.


Julia Gnuse: The Illustrated Lady

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Julia Gnuse is mostly recognized or discussed with her Internet name i.e. The Illustrated Lady. This beautiful girl eventually got her skin scar because she was born with porphyria, a rare skin condition that works gradually in blistering the skin. Julia decided to go for tattoos just to cover up the consequences of her rare skin condition. Initially the tattoos were applied to the affected area around 10 years ago. Now she holds the Guinness Record because she has tattoos everywhere on her body and is the only women with tattoos all over.


Tom Leppard: The Leopard Man

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Tom Leppard is a worldwide recognized figure because he was given the Guinness World Record title for his tattoos on every part of his body. He was first man who painted the entire body and thus made the world record. But currently Tom Leppard is not a record holder as someone else has replaced his position. Leppard is currently a 73-year-old man who spent around 5,500 pounds to give himself a leopard look. Leppard is a resident of Scotland’s Isle of Skye area. He is known as “The Leopard Man” on Internet.


Horace Ridler: The Zebra Man

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Though Horace Ridler is not between us today as he has died in 1969, but still he is regarded among the top tattooed persons in the world. Horace had participated in First World War. This professional sideshow and freak performer was an English aristocrat during his twenties. His body was covered with black and white stripes just to transform his appearance into a Zebra look. Horace was tattooed from head to toe and was a famous public figure at his time just for the tattoos.


Lucky Diamond Rich:Tattooed Person

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Lucky Diamond Rich is widely recognized as the best example in the world for sword-swallowing, unicycling and chainsaw juggling tattooing which is the part of multi-layered tattooing. This Australian lover of tattooing has spent a lot of time (probably more than 1,000 hours) to achieve his current look. He has tested hundreds of tattoo artists in many countries. Initial idea of this Australian Internet celebrity was to have his entire body tattooed with worldwide famous colorful tattoo designs. His passion about tattooing has put his name among top tattooed persons across the globe. [smartads]


Paul Lawrence: The Enigma

[caption id="attachment_344" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Paul_Lawrence_The_Enigma Tattooed Persons[/caption]

Some music lovers probably have heard about Paul Lawrence who is widely known with the name “The Enigma”, an accomplished musician. This guy has given himself an amazing look with blue puzzle pieces that have been tattooed everywhere on this musician’s body. The Enigma is not only known for his music, but also is famous for his stunts including swallowing various liquids and sword swallowing.


Tiger Lady: Enigma’s Ex-Wife

[caption id="attachment_345" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Tiger-Lady Tattooed Persons[/caption]

Enigma’s ex-wife, who is the resident of Austin, Texas, is commonly known over Internet with the name “Tiger Lady”. She has tattooed her body in a way that she looks like a tiger. “Tiger Lady” is actually the stage name of Katzen, a tattoo artist and performance artist in Austin, Texas. Katzen has got full-body tattoo and thus is listed among top tattooed persons on Earth.

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