Top Fascinating Last Pictures Taken

The term “last picture taken” generally refers to the concept that probably the picture has been taken just before the death of the camera man. The picture can be very devastating and sometimes it may be not suitable to view by the people with weak hearts. Below list describes 8 fascinating last pictures taken by the people in the world.

John and Jackie Knill

Thailand authorities had recovered the bodies of John and Jackie Knill (a Canadian couple on vacation in this Asian country) on January 13, 2005 at a beach resort. This Canadian couple was among many of those who were in Thailand for vacation and lost their lives in notorious tsunami incidence on December 26, 2004. A damaged camera was found to a relief worker from Seattle, USA who though discarded camera but didn’t waste its memory card. This 8th picture in our 8 fascinating last pictures taken is from that memory card.

Wiley Post & Will Rogers

The names of Wiley Post & Will Rogers will be known to world for the life because these two were to attempt very first flight around the world. Wiley Post was a professional pilot who intended to fly around the world with Will Rogers (his friend and a well-popular social commentator, humorist, and comedian), but got his plane crashed during take-off procedure. This crash was the result of engine failure that claimed both lives on the spot.

Marilyn Monroe

The below picture of Marilyn Monroe is believed from among her last taken pictures and is at No. 6 in our ranking. Majority believes that George Barris was the photographer who captures Monroe’s last pictures, however, below picture was published by Life Magazine and it was captured by Allan Grant. Anyway, this picture was captured along with other five pictures at her home during an interview on July 7, 1962.

Albert Einstein

The name of Albert Einstein is probably known to all students and professors related to science studies across the globe. The below pictures is believed that was taken in March 1955 and is last known picture of this notable historically famous scientist. Though further details related to the background of this last picture of Albert Einstein are not known but many believe it was taken just around Princeton, New Jersey at his home. [smartads]

Lady Diana

The world will never forget the saddest incident of the Lady Diana death who died in Paris in a car crash. The below picture of Lady Diana is believed captured shortly before her death. You can see Dodi Fayed on the front seat and Diana on the back. I believe press should avoid taking such pictures because they never result in good memories, as you can see the most beloved woman of British nation lost her life just because of the photojournalists who were in a race to capture Lady Diana with Dodi Fayed being a very first media personal.

Bill Biggart

Bill Biggart was a nationwide popular photojournalist who was busy in capturing the historical moments of September 11, 2001 when world faced the most tragic terrorist attack in Untied States. Unfortunately, Biggart lost his life when second tower collapsed in this terrorist attack. It took four days to relief worker to recover the body of Bill Biggart from the rubble along with his camera. The below picture is from Biggart’s last taken pictures.

Adolf Hitler

The death of Adolf Hitler is yet a mystery to the world but many believe that this German dictator ended his own life after getting confirmation that he has lost the war. The below picture (which is at second in 8 fascinating last pictures taken) of Adolf Hitler is believed was taken around two days before he vanished from the scene. You can see Hitler watching the devastating bomb damage just outside his bunker entrance in Berlin in the Second World War. The confirm defeat eventually result for Adolf Hitler in making decision to finish his own life.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, probably the most famous singer of the history in United States who was equally famous across borders, died in 1977. The below picture of Elvis Presley is believed taken at 12:28 a.m. on August 16, 1977. Many believe that the picture was taken when Elvis left the dentist on August 16, 1977. His fiancée found him dead in the bathroom the next day. The official pronunciation of Elvis Presley’s death was made at Baptist Memorial Hospital at 3:30 p.m.

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