Top Most Interesting & Weird Moments in 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony at the London Olympics 2012 was purely a ceremony which would be remembered for years for several reasons, interesting and weird moments. The list of interesting and weird moment of this opening ceremony may cross 50 easily but I can focus on only ten in this post. Well, it was truly a mind blowing ceremony that had everything for people from any age group or corner of the world. Go through the list below and find out more about such amazing moments that really stunned many last night.

Cell Phone Hookup Tribute

Well, I personally believe that it was the only performance of the opening ceremony of this mega sports event of the time. It was a tribute to cell phone hookups. It tried to portray the scene how young people are busy in flirting with other young people using their cell phones and different social media platforms, well before they could make their way to meet out in the public places.

Mr. Bean Performance

You will agree with me that this performance should have been somewhere on the top 3 but actually viewers vote brought it down in this position. Mr. Bean’s performance was truly among stirring moments for many in this ceremony. He is an excellent comedian which has a worldwide fan base. The London Symphony Orchestra was the main theme of this performance. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loudly because I love different face shapes of Mr. Bean during his acts.

The Presentation of British Invasion

The presentation of British invasion was also among top most interesting moments of last night’s London Olympic ceremony. The band was taught how to play by Sgt. Pepper nearly 20 years ago. It was tremendous performance of the band that brought us beautiful rock and roll artistic presentation to spend couple of five minutes without moving from the seat.

Socialized Medicine’s Appreciation

The appreciating performance which was given last night in this opening ceremony to the socialized medicine was really awesome. Dancers were at their best in this performance that performed a scene from the Great Ormond Street Hospital and NHS and did it really well. It was literally mind blowing in the shadow lights that make this interesting yet really weird moment more worth watching for the people watching this ceremony from their home televisions. [smartads]

Entrance of David Beckham

Though you will not see David Beckham in action in London Olympics 2012 because he didn’t present himself for playing in the field this year, but the appearance or entrance of this British super star was truly an appreciating role of this opening ceremony. Beckham entered with the Olympic torch into the stadium in a speed boat. It was an appearance same like the bond we have seen in several movies.

The Performance of Creepy Baby

Well, if you were among the live viewers of this opening ceremony, it would be probably your top-favorite performance in this celebration. As soon as a giant creepy baby entered into the stadium, it stunned everyone sitting in the crowd and they welcome and applauded this stunt with their best. It was amazingly looking like a real baby from the aerial view. Mind blowing literally!

Entrance of American Athletes Squad

The entrance of big hopes of the U.S. people i.e. the American athletes / Olympic squad in this opening ceremony was also a worth watching moment. The hope to carry as much medals home as possible was visible on their faces. This grand entrance earned a huge applauding and welcome from the crowd who were waiting for their entrance in the stadium. The Lolo, Kobe, and LeBron were the prominent members of the U.S. squad.

Presentation of Industrial Resolution

The opening ceremony of London Olympics was truly a demonstration of hard work behind the preparation carried out by British people for this mega even to be happened in their land once again. The presentation of Industrial Resolution was one of such magnificent moments of this event last night. People watched huge chimneys coming out of the specific portion of the ground. This moment brought hooray from every where in the crowd.

Appearance of Steve Redgrave

The appearance of Steve Redgrave into this newly developed really beautiful Olympic Stadium in London who entered while carrying the torch. The torch finally entered into the circle of its final destination after traveling through the British land. The torch then reached to future of British hopes in Olympic Games by Redgrave (seven young athletes) who then ignited and lit the Olympic cauldron together.

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