Top Nine Movies about Identity Theft

When you are the victim of identity theft, there is nothing whatsoever that is entertaining about the situation. When Hollywood gets their hands on it, though, identity theft becomes intense, funny, or heartwarming. Here are the top nine movies about identity theft.


Gattaca A man classified by society as suitable only for menial jobs steals the identity of someone who is genetically perfect for the job he wants — space travel. "Gattaca" is a fascinating story that is all about sticking it to the man.


Face Off "Face/Off" is a worst-case-scenario when it comes to identity theft. To stop criminal activity, a federal agent takes on the face of a criminal, while the criminal takes the face and place of the federal agent. It's an intense film that takes identity theft to new levels.

Ever After—A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story It might be a surprise to see Cinderella on a list of movies about identity theft, but this particular film does a good job of showing the princess's good-hearted criminal nature. To save a slave from being sold, she disguises herself as a noblewoman — her deceased mother, actually — and things only escalate from there.

Mrs. Doubtfire

mrs A divorced dad who dearly loves his kids disguises himself as a Scottish nanny so his ex-wife will hire him to keep an eye on the children. When you think about how this would affect people in reality, it's a creepy concept. In the movie, however, it's funny and even a little heartwarming.

Catch Me if You Can

Catch Me if You Can This movie takes the top spot in the abovementioned list from A clever criminal hops from fake identity to fake identity when he is on the run from the government. This entertaining flick is even based on a true story.

The Net

The Net After the three movies listed above, you might wonder if there are any serious movies about identity theft. Yes, there are. "The Net" finds a home on's list of the 10 best movies about identity theft. The life of a computer expert goes bonkers when someone replaces her identity with that of a criminal.


Megamind A super villain takes the place of a serious librarian and works along a savvy reporter to save the city from, well, himself. Along the way, he learns just how good it can feel to play the role of the hero and not the bad guy.


Mulan A spunky Chinese maiden who's a pro at getting into trouble disguises herself as a man and joins the army. After an intense battle, her deception falls apart, but she never loses the spirit of the warrior.


Aladdin This silver screen delight became the first animated film to gross over $200,000,000, according to The lovable thief Aladdin enlists the help of a magic genie to impersonate a wealthy prince. The result? Great music, a touch of romance, and a nice happily ever after. Identity theft isn't just for the movies, and it's nothing to take lightly in real life. Take steps to protect your identity and keep identity theft where you can enjoy it — in fiction and on the big screen. [smartads]

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