Top Notch Dumbest Rappers of the World

Rapping is really boisterous. Whenever you get along or stay with rap, you cannot help feeling the thrill in your body parts. Why this happens? Well, this is because the rapping is always enthralling and foot-tapping. You start feeling to tap the feet even you begin with the same. But there is bad rapping as well which simply spoils the magic. The bad rappers ruin the taste of this music genre. This article will pour light on the 10 worst rappers of all time or in other words, the 10 dumbest rappers of all time. Let’s learn about them.


Diddy Number 10th position on the list of the worst rappers of all time is grabbed by Diddy. Well, Diddy is nonetheless somewhat better than the others on the list. Although his rapping is pleasure-spoiling but sometime you enjoy while he raps. We put him on the tenth place. Hope you guys agree with the same.

Bone Crusher

Bone Crusher 9th place on the list is fetched none other than by Bone Crusher. He comes from the school of rappers who often hears MOP and then makes the decision that shouting loudly with lesser rhyming makes a good rapping career. Bone is the worst rapper. This is not the formula he makes his rapping career on.

Lil Mama

Lil Mama Lil Mama is a female rapper. She is famous but she is not a qualified rapper at all. Lil’s rapping is simply bad. You want to skip away from it. She judges the music competitions but she should focus on her rapping career as well which brings in really worst rapping.

Ying Yang Twins

Ying Yang Twins Ying Yang Twins, though have good repute as rappers on music scene, but their raping is not thoroughly enjoyable. It carries a lot of apparent flaws. There is non-required shouting, bad lyrics and the attention-spoiling music in their rapping piece. They have produced some really good rap pieces in the past as well, which are thoroughly enjoyable.

Da Band

Da Band Follows next on the list is Da Band. It consists of five really terrible artists or you may say them rappers and only one is decent called Ness. Combining all of them together, what kind o rap or music you guys can expect? Well, you know the answer, which is not lemon at all.

Franchize Boys

Dem Franchize Boys Number fifth position on the list is for Dem Franchize Boys. It is a band of rappers who are in actual not the rappers. Music critics say they do not know the real music and they just dance and snap their fingers. Well, people say they are for nursery school guys.

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Vanilla Ice is another worst or the dumbest rappers of all time. His rapping does not entice at all. A good rapping is what makes you start humming the lyrics around and begin tapping the feet. But when you want to stop playing it or like skipping the track, it is a worst piece. The same is the case with Vanilla Ice.

Lil B

Lil B Well, putting various songs cannot guarantee you to be an artist. This kind of formula cannot bring out the artist from inside you. Lil B has to understand it. His rapping is lackluster and cannot raise the spirits at all. His only good thing is his verifiable insanity.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon The biggest worth rapper on music scene is Nick Cannon, the husband of the great songstress Mariah Carey. Well, he even should learn the art from his classy-gorgeous-sexy and talented wife. Nick’s rapping is flat.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy At number one is none other than the worst rapper of the world (in our opinion) Soulja Boy. He really kills the rapping. Soulja’s songs are really unadulterated nonsense. The worst thing is that he makes inspiration from other worst rappers to make his music on. [smartads]

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