Top Notorious American Biker Gangs

The most common perception of biker gangs in United States is the bikers included leather clad men riding around the country having shaggy beards and getting into barroom brawls. But in fact, most of such American biker gangs don’t include trouble-making people and are known as the honest, hard working and law-abiding people. Below list tells us about top notorious American biker gangs.

Sons of Silence

Niwot, Colorado was the place where Sons of Silence biker gang was formed in 1966. The gang earned popularity just like overnight and widely spread not only in United States but their chapters is also seen on the roads throughout the Germany. They have a large number of members included in their list that joined them over a time period of five decades. This notorious American biker gang mainly concentrated in the eastern parts of the country.


Bandidos is at No. 7. This American biker gang was originated in San Antonio, TX back in year 1966. The members of this gang earned fame of being the top-rated notorious biker gangs in the country very soon after its formation. Their logo is very interesting and a sign of terror for many. The club adopted red and gold colors as their leading colors only because the founder of this gang was a former veteran of Vietnam Marine.


Outlaws biker gang is not only recognized as among top notorious American biker gangs but also placed among oldest biker clubs in the country. Matilda’s Bar was the starting point of this 6th popular gang in this list, in McCook, IL in 1935. A skull with cross pistons was the logo used by the members of this biker gang. The chapters of Outlaws Bikers Club have spread to South America, Europe, Asia and Australia in the past seventy years.


Highwaymen is yet another very popular American biker gang in the country which was originated in Detroit back almost six decades back in year 1954. The chapters of this notorious American gang rapidly spread across the Michigan State and reached to many states of the country in a limited time. Later on, it even crossed the country borders and reached to England and Norway. Black and silver are the two main colors of their club. [smartads]


Pagans American biker gang is at No. 4 which was originated in Maryland in 1959. The gang got immediate popularity among people and expanded rapidly within the first six years of its formation. The members of Pagans gang are known for must wearing their notoriously popular patches pasted on their denim jackets. Many members of this biker gang’s club also have tattoos of NUNYA and AGRO as a must-have sign.

Hell’s Angels

Hell’s Angels is ranked by many as No. 1 in the top notorious American biker gangs list but we placed it at No. 3. This is the gang which has a thorough, long history in the country especially on highways. The long standing code of secrecy of this American biker gang doesn’t put much light on the origin of this gang. But many believe Hell’s Angels was formed sometimes in 1940s or 1950s. “Death’s head” logo is the insignia of this gang.


This second top-rated American biker gang was formed in Philadelphia back in year 1967 with the name Warlocks. The gang was joined with a large number of people in a very short time especially after the end of notorious Vietnam War. Only white men were included in the Warlocks gang. The gang registration spread outside the Pennsylvanian borders and reached to many parts of northeastern areas of the country very soon.


The top-rated biker gang in United States is the Mongols. This gang is also known with the term Mongol Brotherhood and sometimes as the Mongol Nation in the people. This No. 1 notorious gang was formed in Montebello, California in 1969. The gang consisted on Hispanic bikers whose race did not get them entry into The Hell’s Angels MC.

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