Top Pierced or Modified Persons

Although body modification or piercing can be very painful as well as costly but still it is popular among western people and they love to become a pierced or modified person. People in United States (mostly) have been going through the body piercing or modification trend these days. They have pierced their bodies in a way that it is very difficult to decide that who should be listed on top for his efforts. We complies a top pierced or modified persons of the world’s list for our readers. Go through the below list:


The Tentacle Man Modified Persons

Though the actual name of this Brazilian man is yet to be discovered but he is discussed and known with the title or name of “The Tentacle Man” on Internet. This Brazilian resident has gone through extensive surgery to show some heavy tentacle suction-cup on his arms same like we can on star fish. These surgery processes were done in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

[caption id="attachment_732" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Tentacle-Man Modified Persons[/caption]


Etienne Dumont: Living Art

Etienne Dumont has been working in Geneva as a culture and art critic. This professional is being discussed on Internet for his piercing and body modification to change his look. Dumont went through the multiple processes of vibrant tattooing from head to toe. This art and culture critic also has silicone implants to make horn prominent in each earlobe (each is of 2.7 inches). Dumont also went through plexiglass piercings under his bottom lip and nose.

[caption id="attachment_731" align="aligncenter" width="468"] Etienne-Dumont Modified Persons[/caption]


Elaine Davidson: Most Pierced Woman on Earth

Elaine Davidson is widely known as most pierced woman on Earth and has listed her name in Guinness World Records as well. Elaine was examined and listed by Guinness World Book’s examiners in 2000 for this record. Elaine had done 462 piercing jobs on her body at the moment she was added to Guinness World Record Book and out of these, 192 have been done on her face alone. The Guardian reported in 2005 that Elaine Davidson has gone through 3,950 body piercings so far. She has done more than 6,000 piercings so far (as of 2009).

[caption id="attachment_729" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Elaine-Davidson Modified Persons[/caption]



Eric Sprague: The Lizardman

Eric Sprague, who was born in 1972, went through the extensive surgery to give him a look same like the lizard. Sprague is now known as “The Lizardman” on Internet and is listed among top pierced or modified persons in the world. Eric Sprague has also split his tongue same like the lizard. This 37- year-old man spent around 700 hours to transform his look into a reptile look through tattooing. Eric stretched his earlobes and septum, filled his teeth and implanted Teflon horns just below his eyebrows to look like lizard.

[caption id="attachment_728" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Eric-Sprague-The-Lizardman Modified Persons[/caption]


Dennis Avner: Catman

The woman, who is widely discussed over Internet (especially in United States) as “Catman”, is actually an American resident. She is Dennis Avner. She really pierced herself with extensive surgery only because she intended to look-like her own pet tiger. Dennis Avner’s extensive surgery put her name on top in this list of top pierced or modified persons of the world. She underwent transdermal implants, extensive tattooing, filing and shaping teeth and subdermal implants for this modification. Also check our post Famous Tattoos person, i bet sure if you love this post you may also like Tattoos person.

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