Top Ten Best Universities and Colleges of the World

Today we are facing a big challenge of getting job after completing higher education because quality education from any worldwide recognized institution is going to the vital point for many top-rated organizations for recruitment. Therefore, completing higher education from a top university or college doesn’t ensure high quality of education but also increases your chances to get recruited by some big names of the international market. Below list describes top ten best universities and colleges of the world.

University of Chicago in Best Universities

University of Chicago is among top-rated American universities and is equally famous as the best university across the globe. It’s said that this No. 10 university has played an important role in producing higher quality of education in United States. There’re number of university that copy programs offered by the University of Chicago that proves its quality of education and management. It has an elite class of professors that are renowned worldwide.

Massachusetts of Institute Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also recognized as the East Coast Mecca of Engineering or some times as MIT. This American university is at No. 9 in terms of providing higher quality educational standard in the world. Some of the leading professors and teachers of the nation are busy in training world class students from all over the world. MIT has produced some most creative and best students of the world.

Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Imperial College London is truly on top in the national institution list in United Kingdom, but it’s at No. 8 in our top ten best universities and colleges of the world list. Imperial College London has a long- standing reputation in European continent. This British institution is worldwide famous for its range of academic activities. It attracts thousands of students from more than 110 countries of the world every year.

California Institute of Technology USA

California Institute of Technology is third best university in United States and the seventh in the world. This is also recognized as “Cal Tech” abbreviation. The basic reason of fame of Cal Tech University is its reputation as a best research university across the globe. The university has seen some outstanding contributions from their top-rated faculty members and students in engineering and science fields. The university prefers only intellectual and creative students.

University of Pennsylvania, United States:

The top-rated Ivy League institution is widely recognized as the University of Pennsylvania, United States. The Wharton School of Business is the main reason of its recognition in the world as the top- rated or world class higher education institution. This sixth top-rated institution in the world is a mixture of world-class faculty that has been involved in producing extra ordinary students every year.

Yale University, United States

Yale University is at No. 3 in United States but at No. 5 in the world for providing quality education and producing extra ordinary students in the end. Some world class and diverse people are included in the list of faculty member of Yale University. Majority of these faculty members is leading character in the nation in the respective field. Only motivated as well as talented applicants are accepted to enroll by the university.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Cambridge University or University of Cambridge is truly a top-rated British university that is currently securing second position in Britain but fourth in the world. It is among oldest but quality education provider institution at the moment which is respected worldwide. There are 31 colleges that are managed by this British university along with total 150 schools, departments and other institutions. This British university accepts only the brightest and the best to study.

Princeton University, United States

Princeton University, United States is third in top ten best universities and colleges of the world as well as the leading research institution on the world map. This US educational institution is truly a place for every undergraduate prospective student to get enrolled for the bright future. Princeton is the fourth oldest education institution of the United States. There is wide variety of extracurricular and academic resources for the enrolled students in Princeton University.

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

University of Oxford is the No. 1 university in United Kingdom but at No. 2 in the competition list of the world. This second best university of the world has been serving students to get higher quality education for over nine centuries. University of Oxford is among leading institutions that are at forefront of research, teaching and learning in the world in multiple academic areas.

Harvard University, United States

Harvard University has been topping the world for couple of years as the best world class university that is the leader in providing higher standard of quality of education to thousands of students annually. It produces some outstanding students every year that serve in different organizations as their leading characters of the top management.

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