Top Ten Dangerous Gangs in the World

Searching for  Dangerous Gangs ! There is at least one terrorist gang in every country of the world at the moment and some of the countries have dozens of dangerous gangs that have their presence across the borders or are known across the globe for their deadliest activities. The list below will discuss about top ten dangerous gangs in the world.


PrimeiroComando da Capital (PCC)

PrimeiroComando da Capital is No. 1 dangerous gang in Brazil but at No. 10 in the world. This is the newest gang in the country which was formed in Brazilian prison by eight prisoners. The gang members mostly go violent against any government policy and their violent activities were noted on buses, justice forums and even on police stations. So far, more or less 400 gang attacks have been noted in Brazil that are connected to PrimeiroComando da Capital gang.

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Mexican Mafia Dangerous Gangs

Mexican Mafia is also among those dangerous gangs in USA which were formed being a prison gang initially. Though Mexican Mafia has been noted a very dangerous or deadliest gang for other gangs in the country but in general, they were harmless to general public. This prison gang never touched or tortured general public and was not involved in any public criminal activity. This gang is at 9th in top ten dangerous gangs in the world list.

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Black Guerrilla Family or Black Vanguard

Black Guerrilla Family, which is also named as Black Vanguard is also recognized with the name Black Family. This African-American gang was founded by George Jackson in 1966 who was the resident of Marin County area in California. The basic purpose of forming Black Guerrilla Family gang was to protect or maintain dignity of black people especially in prisons. The gang was also a big supporter to the Marxism. Currently the gang consists of above 50,000 members and most of these members are also the members of other local gangs.

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Kenyan Mafia

Though the activities related to Kenyan Mafia gang never expanded beyond borders, but it is still the most dangerous gang of Kenya and 7th in the world. Kenyan Mafia has been found involved in dozens of random killings throughout this African country and most of them are related to females. Still no data available about the origination or formation background of this top-rated Kenyan gang.

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La NuestraFamilia

La NuestraFamilia is at 6th position in the list of worldwide most famous and dangerous gangs. This is another Mexican American gang which was formed in Northern California in prison. The gang started its activities in 1968 whose basic purpose was to tackle Mexican Mafia. Initially, people think it a Chicano culture supporting gang that work only against rival gangs. La NuestraFamilia is famous for killing people and some cases were also noted for killing even their own gang members.

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Latin Kings

Latin Kings is among top-rated criminal and extremely violent gangs not only in United States but also on the planet. The members of Latin Kings were found involved in extremely violent activities in many different occasions. They are also famous for contributing efforts to multiple violent communities in the country. Latin Kings is a worldwide famous Chicago-based gang which is at 5th position in our list. The activities of this US gang have spread to New Jersey and even in New York.

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Texas Syndicate (TS 7)

Texas Syndicate or you may say TS 7 mainly consists of those members who are Mexican immigrants, either serving their time in prisons or outside the prison. The Mexicans who were born in USA are not allowed to join TS 7. The formation of this gang was to protect Mexican immigrants to get killed from other Californian gangs including the Aryan Brotherhood and the Mexican Mafia. Currently the TS 7 has more than 1000 members in prisons and more than 800 members outside the prisons.

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The Crips

The Crips is yet another most famous as well as dangerous gang in United State which is also recognized as a deadliest criminal organization across the borders. This was the effort of Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams who started The Crips in 1969 being two 16-year-old youngsters. Initially it was a loosely connected network in which numbers of individual gangs were included to perform different criminal activities. Currently it has become one of most dangerous and powerful gangs in USA.

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The Blood

The Blood is at second in our top ten dangerous gangs in the world list. This Los Angeles-based gang is famous mainly for its rivalry with another US-based gang i.e. The Crips. The Blood members are also famous for wearing red color only. The activities of The Blood were started in 1972 and initially it focused on controlling the territories of other gangs in Las Angeles. Sometimes, the gang members perform criminal activities by combining with any other local gang and it happens especially in drug trafficking.

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Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13)

Mara Salvatrucha or you may say MS 13 is a worldwide famous gang which is top of the list of those gangs that anyone would never wish to come into contact with. Members of this gang have spread to multiple areas and most consist of Central Americans, Salvadorans, Hondurans and Guatemalans. The deadliest activities of MS 13 were started during 1980s. Main reason behind started operation of MS 13 was nothing but to protect immigrants to be killed from other famous gangs of that time. For more Dangerous Gangs click here.

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