Top Ten Desserts in the World

Probably there are very few people in the world who do not like desserts. This food genre comes in different shapes, sizes and tastes (as it is made as creamy, sweet, savoury and tart. I think it’s really very unusual and nearly impossible to stop yourself from enjoying such a delicious food items that are prepared with an extra ordinary finishing across the globe. Our list of this article contains info about top ten desserts in the world.


Castle Pudding (England) Desserts in the World

England is not typically a country which is famous for its delicious food items in the world. In fact, most of currently famous food delights in this European country have come from different parts of the world. But castle pudding is truly a dessert to taste which is a pure production or origination of the British people. I believe English people are used to have this sweet delight as part of their dinner especially in the winter season.

[caption id="attachment_699" align="aligncenter" width="460"] Castle-pudding-(England) Desserts in the World[/caption]

Maple Taffy (Canada)

Canada is also among those worldwide famous countries that are full of desserts and holds a list of best desserts in the world. Maple taffy could be your best dessert choice in Canada especially if you travel this beautiful country during spring season. You will find this hot maple syrup heading down in the clean white snow after rolling it around a stick. This is really tasty and worth spending some money to enjoy.

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Pavlova (Australian Continent)

Pavlova is no doubt a matchless dessert in the Australian continent including New Zealand and Australia. It’s equally famous dessert in United Kingdom. Pavlova is among very famous desserts in southern hemisphere. You may not find this worldwide famous dessert anywhere in a convenience store or a in a shop at street corner, but you need to find any prestigious cake stores or restaurants to taste this sweet delight. It is made with sugar and egg whites.

[caption id="attachment_701" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Pavlova-(Australian Continent) Desserts in the World[/caption]

Gelato (Florence, Italy)

Italy is the only country at the moment which presents a long list of worldwide famous desserts and it’s truly a tough job to put any one of them on top leaving others a side. But I think Gelato is on top in this long list (based on worldwide customer’s rating). Florence has some outstanding places to present gelato to its visitors all year long. Just find any suitable place (according to your budget or taste) and enjoy this 7th top-rated dessert in the world.

[caption id="attachment_702" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Gelato-(Florence, Italy) Desserts in the World[/caption]

Baklava (Turkey):

Baklava is among top-rated desserts in Turkey and Greece and latest research on the background or origination of this dessert show that it actually is a Greek recipe. But modern world tasted this outstanding dessert for the first time in Turkey in the Ottoman Empire. It was the time when ideas and foods were being shared between these two countries. Phyllo dough is the main ingredient of this recipe which is considered generally tricky to manipulate in the kitchens.

[caption id="attachment_703" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Baklava-(Turkey) Desserts in the World[/caption]



Beingets from Cade Du Monde (New Orleans, USA)

Café Du Monde is truly the most famous place for food lovers in New Orleans, United States, mainly for their dessert beingets. This worldwide famous dessert (which is currently at 5 th in our top ten desserts in the world list) is served or presented with a lot of sugar on it. This dessert is really outstanding especially for a hangover. You sometimes may face a long queue to get this notable dessert at Café Du Monde.


Cream Candy or Chestnut Kintons (Japan)

Cream candy could be the best choice for many who want to spend some time in theater to watch their favorite movie. Dessert couldn’t be the only choice in this scenario. Japanese cream candy is truly on top in this genre only because of its matchless taste. Chestnut Kintons are traditional Japanese cream candies that are made with some vinegar, mirin sauce, sugar and sweet potatoes. Chestnut tree is found only in South Korea or Japan which is the reason of this worldwide famous Japanese food item.


Quindim (Brazil)

Quindim is very famous dessert in Brazilian people who has now earned the fame of a worldwide famous dessert. Therefore, we put Quindim at No. 3. The appearance of Quindim may be sometimes deceiving for many because usually they present this world-class dessert same like a locally famous doughnut. Don’t be fool buddy because Quindim is of much more worth than this other local item. Quindim is made with sugar infused with coconut and lots of eggs.


Gulaab Jamun (India / Pakistan)

Gulaab Jamun is the best dessert in this sub-continent region which is now worldwide famous for its taste and thus earned second position in top ten desserts in the world. This outstanding dessert is made with regular milk, powder and pistachios or raisins ingredients. Usually, its size is small but it can be as large as the size of donuts. But there is no hole like donuts in this dessert which is full of sweet syrup and powdered sugar.


Mont Blanc at Angelina’s (Paris)

There could be nothing better than enjoying Mont Blanc with a cup of tea or coffee at Angelina’s in Paris. This is truly the best dessert across the globe which is a specialty of the Paris, France for all its visitors, travelers, guests or local residents. Usually people visit Angelina’s for its worldwide renowned hot chocolate, but Mont Blanc dessert, which is made of chestnut crème and whipped cream, is of more worth to many.

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  1. Paul Gautier

    I’m sorry but you can’t forget TIRAMISU’ from Italy, this is the most famous dessert in the world, or French Croissant, i’m sorry for other country, but the 99% of best dessert in the world are from Italy (80%) and France (20%).

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