Top Ten Famous and Best Jobs in United States

As you know the technology has reached to top level today and Internet is recognized as the industry leader for everyone who wants to get most suitable as well as high-salary job after completing studies. There are many fields that produce several cool and yet very best job every year in the country. You will be amazed to read that the top-rated coolest and best job in United States belongs to Web world (Internet technology world). Below list will give you an idea about coolest jobs that are currently high-demanded job in the country and their salary is equally well.

Web Developer

Web developer is a professional which is very similar to the No. 1 profession in this list i.e. software developer Web developer is a professional which is very similar to the No. 1 profession in this list i.e. software developer. The only difference is that the web developer are specialists of working in HTML codes, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX etc. There are a number of fields to get experienced in this profession and the market is full of potential to be successful relatively earlier than other professions of the Internet technology world.

Marketing Specialist

The latest survey in United States published the facts that the marketing budgets have been increased by many notable companies by nearly 6 percent from their budgets of last year. It clearly means that the running year will produce more marketing specialists job in the market. The area doesn’t cover working in the field but also covers areas like search engine optimization as well as social media. Marketing specialists are also responsible for promoting a particular product of their clients with competitive pricing as well as advertising plan.

Database Administrator

Database administrator is an emerging profession in United States with the advancement and improvements in the technology sector in the country. A lot of companies related to Internet world and software development are always in demand of database administrators to deal with different typical issues related to data storage. This profession of course requires special training and experience to enter into this high-in-demand market at the moment.

Civil Engineer

The growing population of United States always seeks improvements in the aging infrastructure of the country that eventually sparks requirement of the civil engineers. So it is at No. 6 in our list of top famous cool and best jobs at the moment in United States. Civil engineers are responsible to design as well as supervise sewage systems, water systems, tunnels, highways and bridges. Though currently construction is at lower rate in the country but the importance of this profession can’t be neglected.

Medical Assistant

It is said about the profession of medical assistant that everyone with little knowledge is able of entering into this profession because there is no formal training required by the institutions to hire such people, reported by the Labor Department. But just to distinguish yourself from other people in this profession, then professional technical training is a must. There are many vocational colleges or high schools that can be selected for this purpose.

Financial Advisor

The number of financially rich people has been increasing in United States at the moment and there are many millionaires (especially people linked with showbiz industry) who have no idea about how to spend and where to spend their hard-earned money with perfection. Therefore, they require services of financial advisors especially to manage their retirement. The strong interpersonal skills are equally important to enter into this profession in addition to a strong financial background.


Pharmacists are also earning very good salaries in United States and it is a rapidly emerging profession at the moment. Latest survey revealed that these professionals are earning higher than many other professions in the country. There is an excellent job opportunity in American markets for this profession. But you need to undergo years of study to enter into this profession which is purely a technical profession to adopt by anyone.

Physical Therapist

This is another job category that is related to health care. Physical therapist profession is at No. 3 in this list which is known as a booming field in United States because there is always an increasing space in this profession to absorb new professionals only because of increasing demand. The potential professionals should learn patient mobility as well as decreasing pain techniques in any registered school to enter into this profession.

Physical Registered Nurse

The second cool and best job category in United States at the moment is the profession of registered nurse. Everyone just needs to determine what type he/she needs to select at the moment he/she wants to enter into this profession. It is said that nearly 712,000 positions will be made available to occupy in the coming years (probably in next decade) in this profession. The growth rate of this profession is really good at the moment.

Software Developer

Software development is going to become the industry leading profession in United States with the rapid evolvement of technology because the need of developers to design software is continuously growing. They need professionals to design, test and debug different software prepared for apps as well as for mobile devices. Everyone with technical background can easily switch in this professional by taking professionally designed self-study courses at any local college.

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