Top Ten Famous Armies in the World

Almost every independent state or country has its own salaried army to take care of its external and internal enemies. The main aim of an army is just to protect its people and land from the dangerous elements as well as countries to their solidarity. We combine this list of top ten famous armies in the world based on the facts and figures of their military history as well as the current operations and successes they achieved. The size of an army is also a focal point in this list.


Pakistan Army in Famous Armies

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Pakistan is among those few countries that are registered as the nuclear powers. The army has more than 500,000 well-trained active service troops. Pakistan Army started operating in 1947 after the country got independence from British Rule. The military history of Pakistan Army includes couple of conflicts with Indian and Afghanistan Army. Pakistan Army also served NATO Forces in Somalia, Mogadishu and the Gulf War.


Israel Army

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The Israeli Army has successfully achieved its top-ten position in a very limited time period as its history is not any record before 1948. The arrangements and weapon collection of Israeli Army is only to rescue its nation from unpredictable Palestinian attacks. Israel Defense Force has around 100,000 registered active service military personal at the moment. Israeli Army was involved in conflicts with Palestine and Lebanon for multiple times.


Russia Army

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Though Russian Army is on top in the list of largest army holder country in the world but it gets 8 th position in terms of holding the worldwide popular army. The military history of Russia starts from year 963. Now Russian names its modern day army as the Russian Ground Force which was created after separating from other independent states of Russia in 1992. Russian Army was actively involved in the notorious Cold War. Russian Army holds second largest reserves of the nuclear weapons after USA Army.


Turkey Army

Turkish Army is at No. 7 in the popularity list of the worldwide armies. The history link Turkish Army back to around 2,000 years. Currently, the military arrangements of Turkish Army have brought it among few notable armies in the modern world. Turkish Army didn’t participate in notorious World War II and stayed neutral, but it actively participated in Korean War and fought against Greece, Britain, Russia, Italy and French Army.


North Korea Army

North Korea is currently recognized as a dangerous country for the entire world only because of their aggressive nature. The army of the North Korean Republic is linked to 1939 when it was created shortly after dividing from South Korea. North Korean Army consists on more than 1,000,000 active service soldiers that are always ready to protect their nation from any foreign attack they are threatened throughout the year. [smartads]


German Army

Though German Army doesn’t have several hundred thousand soldiers registered but still it manages an outstanding arranged army in the world which is at fifth in top ten famous armies in the world. German Army was the main point of both World Wars as they started both wars with the world. Second World War divided Germany in two states and the world map saw another country with the name West Germany.


Indian Army

Indian Army is among largest armies in the world which has its history linked back to Stone Age. Currently the registered (active service) army personal of Indian Army are described as more than 1,000,000 soldiers. The history also link Indian Army to both World Wars which was also involved in securing its independence several times in the history. Their army fought mainly with Pakistan Army on multiple occasions.


British Army

British Army is at No. 3 in famous armies list of the world. The history of British Army starts from 1661 when it was created in the current modern structure to protect the nation and land. British Army has played a vital part in the Revolutionary War, the Napoleonic Wars and in both (so far) World Wars. British Army has registered (active service) more than 100,000 troops that list this European country second in the continental list behind France.


China Army

China is not only the country with huge population but is also recognized as top-rated country in the world for its military related arrangements. China is the home to the largest army in the world as therr are above two million registered active service soldiers in China Army. Though China faced a significant cut in their troops in past some years but still it managed second position. China Army was created in 1927.


USA Army

The current army structure of United States is linked backed to 1775 when the U.S. authorities created their Continental Army just to deal with the Revolutionary War of that time. Since then it has been strengthening and gradually managed to earn No. 1 position in the world in the list of famous armies. The U.S. Army has been involved in almost every notable war of the world including the Gulf War, All two World Wars, the Global War on Terrorism and the Vietnam War. There are more than 500,000 active service troops in U.S.A. Army at the moment.

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  1. Oh please,..The German military is only number 5? All the different German military divisions,SS,Waffen SS,Wehrmacht,..have been highly prominent,and considered by most to be one of the most powerful and feared military mights in History. You added the Indian,British,and the chinese armies before t hem.I’ve never heard hardly a thing about the Indian army.And,the British neeced other countries to come to its aid against the Germans.It took so many countries to bring the German military down,that it isnt funny. I had thought that the Germans would be either number 1 or 2,with the US in front of them.(sadly)

  2. dhruv

    whisky river German army can’t be in top 5 for your kind information, junaid have u ever listen abt Wikipedia ?
    go through wiki cause china is number one and israel USA india and britain should be in top 5

  3. Zvi

    The anti-Jewish bias is painfully clear here. The author describes some of the armies as having a “history link back to around 2,000 years” or “history linked back to Stone Age”, whereas of Israeli military it is said that “its history is not any record before 1948”. Uhmmm… what about all the Israelite battles in the Land of Israel against the Romans, the Seleucid-Greeks, the Assyrians, the Aramaeans, the Moabites, the Amonites, the Edomites, the Philistines, the Amalekites? Clearly the Israelite military history extends back well beyond 3000 years. The author and many others would do well to study Jewish history in the Land of Israel; they would learn in particular that Israel was independent for more than 100 years under the Hasmoneans and it then had a full-fledged military.

    To describe the modern Israeli military’s “arrangements and weapon collection” as being only to defend the country’s population from unpredictable Palestinian attacks, and having being involved only in conflicts with ” ‘Palestine’ (a non-existent country) and Lebanon” is ludicrously inexhaustive. The IDF’s mission is to protect Israel from external threats from any country and it has fought multiple times in wars with neighboring Arab countries e.g. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia.
    Israel’s army has also been very prominent in rescue missions of civilians in areas stricken by natural disasters, notably rescuing people buried under rubble and debris.

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