Top Ten Famous Ghosts

Are you among those who believe in ghosts and want to read something interesting on this topic? Well, a ghost is generally described as a spirit or a soul or a dead animal or a person that still has its connection with the living world and can appear and disappear anytime to the people. You probably have heard about ghosts from a lot of people as we see many people (all over the world) claiming they saw ghosts or are disturbed by the ghosts. Below list details about top ten famous ghosts of all time.

The Pharaoh Akhenaten Famous Ghosts

The ghost of the Pharaoh Akhenaten is at No. 10 in our top ten famous ghosts of the world list. The Pharaoh Akhenaten is probably the most famous old ancient Egyptian leader or ruler who never relied or trusted on the religion and simply abolished it by starting worshiping several Gods. Several priests sighted his ghost after his death in the deserts.

The South Shields Poltergeist

The naughty poltergeist of the North is among top-rated real-life ghost stories of the most recent times. Two paranormal specialists were called in Tyne and Wear in 2006 to investigate some supernatural activities. The names of these specialists were Darren Ritson and Michael J. Hallowell. Later on, ghostly silhouettes were reported by the investigators and the family because they saw bloody scratches and received death threats on their cells.

Al Capone

History tells us that Al Capone was among notorious mafia heads who were renowned to almost every agency and government of the world. His popularity can be imagined with the fact that there are dozens of movies that portrayed or covered the story of his life. People claimed that they saw the Al Capone ghost several times in San Francisco’s Alcatraz prison. Many people even have heard his banjo playing sad songs.

Ghosts of the SS Watertown

Those who still are reluctant in believing ghosts, it’s suggested please watch this attached picture as the proof that the world is full of these nautical specters. The picture is showing two shipmates who are believed as the most famous ghosts of the SS Watertown. They are believed to lose their lives by gas fumes in December 1924in New York City.

Tower of London

Tower of London looks like the home to many (dozens of) ghost that have been reported viewing by hundreds of people moving around. People claimed watching lots of ghosts around the Tower of London in the nights only. Some reported watching Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn, the two headless ghosts who lost their lives after King ordered to execute them.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, probably the most famous American president who served his nation as their sixteenth president, was among those who always believe in supernatural powers. Therefore, it shouldn’t be wondering point for many if someone claimed glimpsing his spirit wandering in the White House. Sometime, knocks on doors have been reported by many American presidents as well as guests of the White House but found nothing in the corridors. It’s believed the reason is the spirit of Abraham Lincoln.

The Brown Lady

Lady Dorothy Townshend is probably among most famous historically renowned women in the world. She got popularity for slaying by her husband who locked this Norfolk, England-based woman until she died. This woman has been photographed in Norfolk at the Raynham Hall and has become now a legendary ghost in the world. Someone saw this photographed ghost moving upstairs in 1936.

The Tombstone Ghosts

Tombstone is the well-famous place in Arizona which is generally dubbed by the local US residence as the place very difficult to die, only because the city has population more than it can handle. Didn’t get my point? I mean the otherworldly population. Yes, the Tombstone ghosts are at No. 3 in famous ghosts list. The town was popular for its violent activities in the history and thus is the home to several ghosts who were shot, hung or lost their lives from different diseases.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary, second most famous ghost in the world, is renowned for revealing the future as a spirit or ghost. Many still believe that you may request Blood Mary to appear in the mirror and just have to call her multiple times for this purpose. Don’t forget to put lights off of the place where you call this second in top ten famous ghosts. Some say calling her 3 times is enough.

The Amityville Ghosts

The Amityville ghosts are probably very famous not only throughout the United States but across the world. The story behind this ghost house tells us that six family members were killed in this Amityville house by the family head Ronald DeFeo in November 1974. This saddest incident happened in Ocean Avenue, Amityville. The next month, Lutz family moved in to this now mysterious house but couldn’t spend even a month and left claiming that some banging noises, sinister eyes and oozing green slime don’t allow them to live there. The Amityville Ghosts are at No. 1.

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