Top Ten Famous Journalists of All Time

Journalists are the professional that are responsible to bring all up-to-date information to the readers from every corner of the world. They are efficient and quick in collecting and spreading information using all currently available techniques to deliver their voice. They collect information through a wide research on Internet as well as through different sources available to them. The world has number of notable famous journalists that earned worldwide fame for bringing journalism to the next standard in today’s modern world. Below list is about top ten famous journalists of all time.


Margaret Bourke-White Famous Journalists

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Margaret Bourke-White has the honor of being recognized as the very first female war journalist in the world. She was a prominent American journalist who covered the Soviet industry as a photojournalist. Bourke-White was also among those prominent historical journalists who tried their best to cover the historical partition in Asian sub-continent i.e. Indo-Pak partition. She started with Fortune Magazine in 1929.


Elijah Parish Lovejoy

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Elijah Parish Lovejoy was the very first journalist of the modern world’s history didn’t lose his life naturally but was martyred. Lovejoy was martyred for expressing his independent voice against slavery. Waterville College was the place from where Lovejoy completed his graduation in 1826. His interest in raising voice against slavery eventually brought him the post of an editor with an anti-Jacksonian newspaper.


Robert Capa

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You have to get closer to the thing you are trying to capture in your camera. This is the summary of ideology of Robert Capa who is commonly known as legendary photojournalist of the journalism’s history. Capa covered five major wars during his professional tenure. History will always remember the name of Capa for his iconic photography work during the Spanish Civil War, in which was Republican Soldier has been shown near the death.


John Peter Zenger

John Peter Zenger was among most prominent journalists of his time who became popular among American people mainly after criticizing New York State’s governor. Zenger was working with “New York Weekly Journal” at that moment when he targeted New York’s governor. His open act policy eventually became the reason of his imprisonment in 1734.


Walter Winchell

Walter Winchell is widely known as the opinionated, ferociously, colorful and the most emotional journalist in the journalism history. Winchell was a renowned radio commentator in his time that also got fame while working with “New York Daily Mirror” being the most organized editor. Winchell was against Communism and was principally jealous of this religion. Winchell was the first American journalist who openly targeted Adolf Hitler’s policies in his commentary on radio. [smartads]


Peter Arnett

Peter Arnett is probably the most famous journalist in the New Zealand history. This photojournalist (by profession) earned worldwide fame being the most daredevil professional who didn’t care about his own life and tried his best to bring real picture to the world during the Vietnam war. Arnett also worked exceptionally well during the first Persian Gulf War. The exceptional work of Vietnam War achieved Pulitzer Price for Arnett in 1966.


Wilfred Burchett

Wilfred Burchett is on 4th position in top ten famous journalists of all-time list. Burchett was a greatest admirer of Communism who also got popularity nationwide being a master in detecting events. Initially, during his struggle days, Burchett also worked being a vacuum cleaner salesman. “Daily Express” was the first paper from where Burchett started his journalism career. Burchett earned fame for covering Hiroshima atom bomb attack’s consequences being a very first American journalist.


William Randolph Hearst

William Randolph Hearst entered into the journalism industry with great inspiration from John Pulitzer. Hearst got nationwide fame and was regarded as the print media’s magnetized journalist.George Hearst, the father of William Randolph Hearst, was also a great journalist who transferred all his qualities to his son. However, Randolph is considered as the Yellow journalism’s initiator in the world.


Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward was the one who was behind disclosing sensation scandal against the name of Richard Nixon i.e. Watergate Scandal. Woodward was the big boss of media house who eventually became reason of resigning for Richard Nixon in result of disclosing this scandal. Woodward started professional journalism career with “The Washington Post” after finishing History and English literature. His notable efforts in journalism put him on second position in top ten famous journalists of all-time list.


Joseph Pulitzer

Joseph Pulitzer is a worldwide renowned journalist who is also regarded as the most innovative journalist of all time. Pulitzer worked for “St. Louis Post Dispatch” as well as for “New York World”. The other recognition of Pulitzer is being the member or part of U.S. House of Representatives, but he couldn’t continue its membership due to his journalistic duties. Pulitzer is also named as great grandfather of modern journalism. Also explore Famous inventors for more knowledge.

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  1. Shalom Freedman

    This is a list which is drawn from American and British journalists only. What about the great Russian waar correspondent Grossman, or the legendary Edward R. Murrow? The greatest one – hundred journalists would have made for a more reasonable list.

  2. Ellee

    pfffff some of these guys are good and intellgent, others? not so well…

    But you’ve forgot one of the greatest journalists ever…Hunter s. thompson

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