Top Ten Famous Lost Cities

Probably many of you wouldn’t know the exact definition of a lost city. For those, a lost city is specifically described as a city whose inhabitants abandons it and don’t degenerate it. Most prominent examples of such cities appear in result of wars, natural disasters or migration. But in all these three cases, the civilization of that city is frozen in history by the city which is later on discovered by the others. Top ten famous lost cities are described below:

Palenque Famous Lost Cities

Ancient Maya is currently the most popular civilization that ever existed on our planet. Palenque is a top city of this ancient civilization which is located in Mexican state Chiapas just around the banks of Usumacinta River. This 10th in our top ten famous lost cities list is the home to one of marvelous and finest bas-relief carvings, roof comb, sculpture and architecture of the Mayan civilization. Palenque faced a period of glorious century during the 600 to 700 AD.

Lost City Of Z

A British surveyor, who is named as the Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett in the history, named a lost city as the “Lost City of Z”. The Colonel thought that there is a lost city in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil in the jungle area. Manuscript 512, a notable historical document, also mentioned this mysterious city. This document was written by a Portuguese explorer and is stored in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) in which he claimed that the Lost City of Z was visited by him in 1753.


The historical documents tell that Palmyra was an important city in the ancient times of central Syria. Travelers were using this 8th in top ten famous lost cities in the world as their vital crossing city to the famous desert of Syria. The ancient world also named this Syrian city as the Bride of the Desert. The Babylonian tablets also named Palmyra as the Tudmur, Tadmur or Tadmor. There is a newer town in the same area next to the ancient city of Syria.

E1 Dorado

El Dorado is recognized in modern history as the most famous of all lost cities on our planet. This supposedly found lost city in the jungles is also known as the mythical empire in South America. The literal meaning of El Dorado, in Spanish language, is “The Golden One”. The history tells us that El Dorado was the home of untold riches of jewels and gold during the regime of a powerful king. The city was searched by Gonzalo Pizarro’s 300 trained soldiers along with thousands of Indians but they couldn’t find city or its treasures.


Petra is definitely an awesome city in the history of Jordanian region which is known as the top-rated archaeological and the historical city on Earth being a lost city. The other notability of this historically lost city is the rock cut architecture of the city which is rarely seen anywhere on the planet. The city was the home to an outstanding water conduit system of that time. Petra was among top-rated tourist attractions among Jordanians in its time.


History tells us the Pompeii, the well-popular Roman city until around 79 AD, was destroyed by the nearby volcano in 79 AD. Vesuvius, the nearby volcano couldn’t give time to the inhabitants of this city to save their lives in 79 AD and buried the entire community after erupting around 60 feet or rock and ash. The estimates tell that there were around 20,000 people in the city at the moment it was struck by the volcano. The upper class of ancient Roman society used Pompeii as their top vacation spot. This famous ancient Roman city was accidentally rediscovered after around 1,700 years in 1748.


Memphis has a great part in history as it served the first Nome of historically recognized Lower Egypt area as its ancient capital. The city also served the Old Kingdom of Egypt as its capital and therefore was among major cities of the kingdom until around 2200 BC. This lost Egyptian city was also an administrative center in almost every empire or regime throughout the history. Initially, Memphis was founded by Menes in around 3100 BC.


The name of Atlantis is found in any historical document for the first time in about 360 BC when Plato’s dialogues were written with the name Critias and Timaeus. This is a legendary island city of the history. The background of this island city tells us that it was famous as the naval power in its time against the Pillars of Hercules. This top-rated lost city of the world sank within 24 hours (in one single day and night) into the ocean.


Angkor is second in this list which is a famous historically lost city located in Cambodia. Khmer Empire used this Cambodian city as their capital from 9th to 15th centuries. Angkor is a Sanskrit world which is used in this language to describe the term “city”. Angkor was a flourishing capital of this empire until 141 A.D. when this lost city was invaded by the Thai invaders. History tells us that it was the time when Ankorians started migrating and eventually city went lost.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is widely considered as the most mysterious lost city on earth that have been found as well as studied by the modern world so far. This No. 1 in our top ten lost cities of the world list is an isolated lost city located in Peru just around the Urubamba Valley. The amazing part of the history of Machu Picchu is that this hill-top city couldn’t be discovered, conquered or destroyed by the conquistadors. This lost city was brought to modern world in 1911 by Hiram Bingham (famous historian).

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