Top Ten Famous TV Channels in United States

The world is full of hundreds of local and internationally famous television channels but not all TV channels have the same number of viewership across the globe. Likewise, there is a long list of television channels in United States, but not every American TV channel has the same reputation or fame in the public. Below list describes the top ten channels of the country in terms of their viewership.

MTV (Music Television)

MTV, the tenth most-famous TV channel in United States, was launched on August 1, 1981. MTV is abbreviation of Music Television. The original purpose of starting this American cable television channel was to focus all music related video programs which will be presented by VJs (on-air hosts). This American channel is famous for its variety of scripted as well as reality television programs that are widely watched across the nation and are very famous among young adults.


ESPN, the part of ESPN Network, is widely recognized as the global cable television network of United States. It mainly focuses on all sports-related programs, including pre-taped (recording of past events) and live events. ESPN also broadcasts several other original programming including sports talk shows for its viewers. This abbreviation actually stands for “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network”. ESPN Inc. started this channel on September 7, 1979.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network, also known as CN, is run under the ownership of Turner Broadcasting System (a notable American company which also runs CNN). This cable television network channel was launched on October 1, 1992. It mainly focuses the programs related to children. The channel was created shortly after Turner Broadcasting System purchased Hanna-Barbera Productions (a notable animation studio in United States) in 1991. It is eighth most-watched TV channel in United States which actually runs a range of animated programs.

Animal Planet

Animal Planet is the part of Discovery Communications, a company that also owns the No. 1 channel in this list i.e. Discovery Channel. Animal Planet was launched on October 1, 1996 as an American cable TV channel in the country but a high-definition simulcast was started by Discovery Communications on September 1, 2007. It was created with cooperation of British Broadcasting Company (BBC). The transmission of Animal Planet channel is seen in more than 70 nations of the world as well as across United States.

CNN (Cable News Network)

CNN, which actually stands for Cable News Network, is another most famous television channel of the world super power United States. This cable news channel was founded by Ted Turner (a notable philanthropist and American media mogul) in 1980. It was the first American television channel in 1980 that provide news coverage 24/7. It was also the first news-only service in the country at the moment it was launched. CNN has its headquarters in Atlanta at the CNN Center. It is also watched worldwide as an authentic source of news-related information. [smartads]

ABC News

ABC News is at No. 5 in this list. This American television channel is the part of American Broadcasting Company which is run mainly from New York City, United States. ABC News was started on June 15, 1945 as part of The Walt Disney Company. “World News with Diane Sawyer” is the most famous program of ABC News channel. Other notable programs include television news, Nightline, Good Morning America, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, 20/20 and Primetime. Initially it was started as a radio channel.

NBC-National Broadcasting Company

You probably would be aware of the abbreviation “NBC” which actually stands for National Broadcasting Company. It is the fourth top-rated American television channel which runs as a commercial broadcasting television network in the country. The headquarters of NBC is located in Rockefeller Center of New York in the GE Building. Other major offices of NBC are located in Chicago and just around Los Angeles. The stylized peacock logo of NBC also named it as “Peacock Network” in the market.

National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel is run under the trademark “Nat Geo”. It is mainly known as a subscription television channel of the United States. The channel mainly focuses on non-fiction television programs. The channel is very similar to other notable channels like Discovery Channel and History Channel. It was started on September 1, 1997. Fox Cable Network is the main owner of this third most-famous channel of United States that owns 67% shares.

FNC (Fox News Channel)

Fox News Channel, also known with abbreviation FNC, is the second most-watched television channel in United States. This satellite and cable news channel of the country is run under the ownership of Fox Entertainment Group. More or less 102 million households can see the transmission of this notable American TV channel across the nation and in the world. Fox News Channel broadcast mainly from its studios located in New York.

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel was started on June 17, 1985 in United States. It is currently on top being the most watched television channel in the country. This notable American cable and satellite television channel also presents its transmission as internet television, terrestrial television and IPTV in different parts of the world. John Hendricks is the founder of this No. 1 channel in this list which is run under the ownership of Discovery Communications. It primarily focuses on history, technology and science programs.

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