Top Ten Famous Warriors

History details about warriors as the great leaders who fought to kill their enemies in a great passion, sometimes for their existence and sometimes to conquer other areas. These historically renowned personalities mostly lived in excessive violence just to uphold the honor of their lands. Just imagine if these warriors had not killed millions of people in the battles than we would be facing an unmanageable population at the moment. Below top ten famous warriors list combines top best warriors of all time.

Spartacus Famous Warriors

This great warrior of human history was born in 109 BC in Thrace and was very famous in the Third Servile War being a most beloved leader of the slaves. Initially Spartacus was an important part of Roman Empire but then he willfully left this greatest army of that time. Later on, the Roman forces arrested this greatest warrior (who is at No. 10 in our top ten famous warriors list) on some thieving allegations.


Saladin was a great Muslim warrior who made the history by defeating a huge army to win the Jerusalem. His laqab was Salah ad-Din. This great Muslim warrior was born in Mesopotamia in 1138 who is widely known among as the anti-hero to the Western people for his greatest victory of Jerusalem. Saladin left the world in 1193 after falling into a fever.

Wong Fei-Hung

Master Wong Fei-Hung is another heroic personality in the Chinese history who earned the fame of a great nationalist. Master Wong Fei-Hung was totally against the British rule over his people and run a successful campaign against their enemies. This great master of the martial arts was also a great revolutionary leader, a teacher and a physician (doctor). This great warrior has been portrayed in number of Chinese movies as well.  

Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi is a marvelous sword fighter in the history of Japan who was better known among Japanese people as a samurai. This greatest samurai was born in 1584 who won very first battle against Arima Kigei. Later on, this 7th top rated warrior of the world joined the army of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Musashi was a master mind as well who escaped in a nearly lost battlefield due to his tactful techniques. Musashi died in 62 years of age.  

Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar is at No. 6 in the great warriors list. This greatest warrior of the Rome’s history was a big problem for the German and British Armies. Caesar was among most successful generals in the Roman history who fought and won numerous battles against German, British and Gaul armies. Caesar started a civil war in his country and eventually became the very first dictator of the country. Caesar was killed by his own friends who stabbed him to death. [smartads]  

Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barza was among those greatest warriors of the history who never even thought of surrendering against their enemies and always preferred to welcome their deaths. Hannibal was among most notable Roman warriors who were very abhorrent in the nation. There are several successful battles on the credit of Hannibal in Roman territory. Hannibal was truly a master mind that always built most strategic battle plans throughout his warrior life.  

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, the most prominent figure in the history of Mongol Empire as he was the founder of this kingdom, is at No. 4 in the great warriors’ list of the history. Genghis Khan could be most famous warrior that ever mentioned by the researchers in their stories. The army of this great Mongol warrior was a great fear to its enemies at that time. Genghis Khan united nomadic tribes of several Northeast Asian areas and formed a well-trained military. He killed maximum of 2 million people in any quest which proves his warrior nature.  

Sun Tzu

There was an outstanding warrior in Chinese history whose name is none other but Sun Tzu. This greatest warrior of the Chinese history is rated at No. 4 in the world. This Chinese General is also recognized as a marvelous writer of its time. “The Art of War” is the name of that book which was written by this greatest Chinese warrior. Sun Tzu served the Chinese Army in 4 th century BC for the King of Wu. His book was a great inspiration for Napoleon Bonaparte.  

Leonidas I

Leonidas is generally regarded as an outstanding warrior of world’s history who always fought passionately and never feared death. The most important battle of this Greek warrior was with the Persian Army of Xerses even after knowing the prediction of his death in this war. Leonidas fought with an army of more or less ten lakh Persian soldiers with only 300 soldiers. All these were his personal guards as he had sent all Greek army back to the country.  

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is truly a matchless warrior of our history who successfully managed to defeat and conquer more than half of our planet’s warriors, their armies and lands in a fastest time period. History tells us about Alexander the Great that this greatest warrior won numerous battles without dipping his  sword in blood as his enemies handed over their areas to him without fighting. The city of Alexandria was found by this No. 1 warrior of the history.

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  1. ron brown

    For most of you out there, inn this web sight, famous warrior !!!There’s aye famous warrior ahy like to post out there on this worrior poster… therers aye name you over-loook.. sharka zule…. whom ahy might say fits hannibal far much better than one see rite now… man what! what! number of worrior out their war black man look it up boss?

  2. Tom

    These list of top warriors is a joke when it comes to #1 there was a man that beat a roman army using the jaw bone of an ass and it is all documented in the bible any one who does not put him as number one of all time does not hold water in what they say SAMSON in the same room with all 10 of your picks he would have killed them all

    • MP1356

      These people and their feats were documented in multiple ways, not the bible, which isn’t a fully credible source. If you honestly think someone beat a whole army by themselves with a jawbone, you are delusional

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