Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs in the World

Though it is difficult to judge the highest paying jobs in the world because economy is changing every year according to the needs of any specific region that result in changing the job requirements and their salaries but based on the overall facts and figures of all times, we have compiled the below pasted list of top ten highest paying jobs in the world. Some of the job categories may be shocking to you but the list is based on facts of market salaries these individuals are earning under these categories.


Neurosurgeons are currently the highest paying professions across the globe. They are earning even more from the CEOs of many companies. The stats of BLS show that these professionals are earning an average hourly salary of $105.66 that result in a huge monthly and annual salary. The lowest salary in this profession is reported as $58.57 which is being taken by around 10% of the overall neurosurgeons in the world. Maximum per hour salary of a neurosurgeon is described as $150 per hour.


Computer Engineers

Computer engineers are also the highest paying professionals at the moment. The race in technology giants has brought these professionals among highest earners today. Computer software engineers are getting more than $120,000 per year in many companies and their average salary does not fall below $58,000 per annum especially in the well-recognized IT organizations. The stats show that average salary in this computer engineering profession is $88,000 per annum.


Accountants Highest Paying Jobs

Accounts are considered as the most important part of any organization and some of the accounts related certifications can bring them highest pays in the market. Currently, the accountants are getting higher per month salaries in the world subject to the organization they are working for. Senior level accountants are getting well above $100,000 per annum and a junior or entry level can start his / her career with minimum pay of $30,000 per annum. Accountants are on third in this list of top ten highest paying jobs in the world.



Though footballer can earn maximum of $60 million per year in terms of salary but this is an exceptional case for very special player. It doesn’t mean that the other players in this field are getting below average salaries from their clubs. They are among top 10 highest salary earners across the globe. It is said that the average salary of a footballer may fall between $1 million to $5 million for a complete season.



This is yet another professional which is going to become the need of people due to an emerging stress in our lives. Physiotherapists not only perform in the fields with different clubs or internationals teams to keep their players fit and healthy to get maximum output in the field, but they also perform and earn maximum per year salary in different private organizations and hospitals. The newly started professional of this career industry may earn easily between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. They may raise their earnings to $80,000 per year especially if their professional career spans more than a decade.



Airline Pilots

Airline pilots are also included high in the list compilation of top ten highest paying jobs in the world. These professionals are earning more than many professionals in different industries and categories. They may start their professional flying career with as little as $18,000 per annum and can reach to the maximum salary of around $250,000 per year. It purely depends upon the employer and the experience an individual has at the moment he is employed by an airliner.


Movie Directors

You probably will be amazed with the inclusion of this profession in this list, but in fact these professionals are currently the industry leading professionals with respect to their average annual income. An average or starting movie director may earn between $20,000 and $1 million per year. Some notable movie directors of current era are earning well above $100K per day. This is also a career path that can make you rich overnight.



Lawyers are at the eighth position in this complied list as they also get huge salaries in most part of the worlds. The stats show that an experienced lawyer is getting minimum $44,000 annual salary, while some of them earn above $170,000. Department of Labor declares $54.21 per hour salary of these professionals (average salary) which become around $112K+ in a year.



Film industry has now become a profitable business across the globe especially after the inclusion of 3D environment in film making. Most of the well-poplar, worldwide renowned actors are earning well above $200,000 per day. But a starting actor can start his/her career in this very profitable industry at the moment with as little as $1,000 per assignment/day/month. But it takes time and extra skills to become a prominent figure in this profession because of growing competition.


Offshore Driller

The inclusion of offshore driller in this list may be shocking to many only because you probably are not aware of the average per hour salary of an offshore driller. There are many individuals who are earning around $50 per hour from their employers. They work for 40 hours in a week and get additional bonuses as well. They are also provided a health insurance plan and a retirement plan from their employers (it is a company standard and followed by almost all the employers). You can also check here for best paying jobs.

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