Top Ten Famous iPhone Apps of 2011

iPhone has become sensation and one of the widely used smartphones across the globe. This smartphone is no doubt has become an industry leader in the touch screen mobile phones’ category because it is the initiator and inventor of this concept. Most of the elite class across the globe uses this smartphone which is equally famous in young generation mainly because of its number of apps. Though there are hundreds of notable iPhone apps but below list details about top Famous iPhone Apps of 2011.


Angry Birds Famous iPhone Apps

Angry Birds is truly the most popular iPhone app as it is most downloaded and played app so far from Apple App Store. This deceptively simple app is dangerously addictive app among young generation. You actually employ cartoon birds in this app to attack on those green pigs who steal bird eggs. The real challenge, while playing this app is, to put down your phone once you start playing. Angry Birds is on top of the list.

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Scrabble is another most popular app game among iPhone users across the globe. This app is the production of Hasbro which is much better than the board version created by Grandpa. You can play through this app against your friends on Facebook, online opponents or against computer. The learning tools of this most popular app for iPhone can be very appreciative for newbies as it details about a cheater option and comes with a teacher mode.

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Kayak is currently a renowned meta-search website in Internet industry. The company created an iPhone app with the same name which can be used to search for car rentals, flights and hotels very easily in any area while on to go. You can get fee tables, price alerts and even airport information section through this app. This app is on third position in respect of its usage among iPhone users. The Pro version of Kayak can be purchased for $1.99 only.

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Yelp, the forth most used app among iPhone users, is truly an appreciative efforts because it is helpful for those who want to know about any suitable eating point while on the go. You do not get stuck any more to get quality lunch or dinner only if you have an iPhone and Yelp installed on it. You can browse your desired location by what’s open now, price, neighborhood or proximity. You also have access to customer views about any specific location which will help to avoid clunkers.

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Mog is the fifth most used iPhone app as per the stats of 2011. It is a quite-capable imitator. This app comes in two different versions, free and paid. Paid version can be used with a minimal $9.99 fee for a single month subscription. You get access to a huge list or library of music that currently are available in the cloud. All music lovers can easily download tracks of their choice using this app and even can connect on the fly through 3G stream or Wi-Fi.

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Amazon is widely recognized as an excellent or I must say a perfect shopping companion that currently is being used by iPhone users across the globe. Amazon app works exceptionally well in connecting iPhone users with their Amazon accounts with just some clicks. You can track your already placed orders and can fill shopping cart with new items to purchase. You can have comparison prices through scanning barcode functionality of this app.

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Netflix app was truly a massive hit among the iPad users but this notable app remains super hit among the iPhone users as well in 2011. You can subscribe to any existing or available Netflix package using this app. The packages of Netflix start with minimum of $7.99 per month. Any registered Netflix user can enjoy streaming queue even on the move using even a 3G connection. The parents can keep entertained their kids using this app even on move.

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Pandora would not be an unknown or new name for most of the computer users as it has enjoyed a massive success among the computer users. This service has launched its mobile version even with better options. iPhone users love to using this app especially when they need to discover new music. You can create multiple channels only if you have an account with Pandora. All channels created on your iPhone can be accessed on your computer as well.

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Do you need any introduction about Facebook? This social media website is easily accessible through their self-made iPhone app. Almost every iPhone user has its account on Facebook and he/she loves to access their Facebook account even on the move, just to update their status or to read updated statuses of their loved ones or friends. Stats show that nearly 150 million iPhone users access their Facebook account this Facebook iPhone app.

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Do you need to visit or stop at the nearby grocery store especially when you’re going back to your home from office? Epicurious will be an awesome service to narrow your search. This well-popular iPhone app managed to secure tenth position in our top ten list of the iPhone apps of 2011. This is a smart app that works exceptionally well in finding the most suitable recipe according to the number of people to serve.

[caption id="attachment_224" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Epicurious-iphone Famous iPhone Apps[/caption] This article is written by Mr. Hamza his blog is about Smart phones.

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