Top Ten Most Dangerous Animals on the Planet

The world is full of beautiful and most dangerous animals at the same time. Some of these most dangerous animals are region specific but some can be found on almost all continents. This list of top ten most dangerous animals on the planet has been arranged based on the number of death/casualties because of these animals every year. Some of the animals included in this list would be shocking for you but the facts and figures put them in our list and you’ve to admit that they are most dangerous animals. We are still struggling to deal with these animals even in this technology-oriented world.

Saltwater Crocodile Most Dangerous Animals

Saltwater crocodile is generally a water being (that has the ability to spend considerable time on land) found in Southeast Asia as well as in Northern Australia. Crocodile is named as largest living reptile on the planet with maximum length of 15 to 21 feet. A healthy adult crocodile can gain maximum of 1.6 tons of weight. You can imagine their deadly power with this fact that even water buffalo becomes their meat. They can swim as fast as dolphin which is really amazing for this weight. Saltwater crocodile kills between 600 to 800 tourists, visitors or natives every year. [caption id="attachment_566" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Saltwater-Crocodile Most Dangerous Animals[/caption]



This giant body structure holder dangerous creature of the planet is most found in African forests. Hippos have the ability to live and travel both on land and in the water. Therefore water or river horse is the other name used for this 9th most dangerous creature at the moment. Though they generally are vegetarian but there’re dozens of cases in which Hippos were found eating meat. They result in 100 to 150 casualties in one year. [caption id="attachment_567" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Hippo Most Dangerous Animals[/caption]


African Elephant

African Elephants are at eighth. This relatively calm creature on the planet becomes deadliest in different situations and can kill any human being within minutes using their sharp tusks. Reports claim that more or less 500 people lose their lives in elephant attacks every year. The average weight of this dangerous animal is 16 tons. Mostly they found in forests and bushes. Despite of friendlier look and gentle gestures, elephants can be deadliest all in a sudden and can attack without giving any clue. [caption id="attachment_568" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Most Dangerous Animals[/caption]


African Lion

African Lion secured seventh position among most dangerous animals on the planet. It can gain maximum of half a ton weight and kills more or less 70 people in Tanzania and around 800 in the world every year. African Lion belongs to Felidae family. Though this animal is considered the laziest beast in the world (as it rests for more or less 20 hours daily) but still is deadlier for humans than many other animals in the jungle. [caption id="attachment_569" align="aligncenter" width="602"] African-Lion Most Dangerous Animals[/caption]



We put another fish species in our list of most dangerous animals at the moment which is known as inhabitant water being of South African rivers. Its name is Piranha which is found in fresh water. It has really sharp teeth that make them deadliest. Red bellied piranha is on top in this genre being the most dangerous piranha. They’re known as attracted to blood and can bite even within a blink of eye. It kills several people in South African rivers every year.

Great White Shark

Great White Shark can be found in all major oceans especially in the coastal waters. This category of fish species is an exceptionally large as its maximum length can reach to 6 meters (really huge for a fish). The weight of the Great White Shark can reach to maximum of 5 tons. This shark is at fifth in our top ten most dangerous animals on the planet list being the largest known predatory fish at the moment. Though most of Great White Shark bites on humans are named as test bites (because they are not known as attacker to humans) but still they are involved in killing around one hundred people mostly in United States every year.

Australian Box Jellyfish

Square or box jellyfish (belongs to Australia) is also named as the wasp jellyfish. This creature is among most venomous animals under the water. The tentacles of this small salad-bowl sized water being can reach to a length of 15 feet.  It has 60 tentacles that are toxic enough to claim 50 adult lives. Chironex Fleckeri is the most dangerous or poisonous specie in the box jellyfish category. This beautiful but deadliest water being has killed 5,567 people so far in the past 150 years.

Asian Cobra

Asian cobra is another top-rated dangerous animal at the moment in the world. This deadliest and most dangerous animal kills around 50,000 people (mostly in Asian countries) every year. The average length of Asian cobra is described as 1 meter. Though this snake is not among most venomous animals on the planet but still claims thousands of precious human lives mostly in India.

Fierce Snake

Fierce snake is on second position. This deadliest creature is recognized as an inland taipan which belongs to Elapidae family and is an Australian native animal. The facts claim this snake as deadliest snake on the planet who takes the lives of between 50,000 to 125,000 people every year. The length of fierce snake can reach to maximum 2.5 meters. It changes its color to lighter in summer and darker in winter.

The Mosquito

The mosquito is on the top of our list and probably would be an amazing name for many in this list, but the facts tell us totally different story about this smallest most dangerous animal on the planet. This smallest but deadliest creature is the reason of killing around two million people across the globe every year. The stats show that around 70 million people get affected from the mosquitos every year and fall in any mosquito-related disease. Mostly, the mosquitos bite in warm countries but mosquito bite incidents have also been noted in the countries like Japan, New Zealand and UK. If you like this article you may also like most dangerous places on Earth.  

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